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Surface Treatment and Exchange of Nanostructures From Aqueous Suspension Into Organic Media and Into Polymer-Matrix Compososites: 8,415,491


The present invention is directed to a method of exchanging nanostructures from within aqueous liquid media into organic liquid media. The steps comprise first supplying solid nanostructures in an aqueous liquid media, adjusting the pH, incorporating an ionic surfactant sufficient to reduce nanostructure aggregation, followed by concentrating the nanostructures in the aqueous liquid media. The nanostructures may them be placed in organic liquid media followed by introduction of a coupling agent capable of covalent attachment to the nanostructure surface while providing a functional group capable of polymerization to covalently bond the nanostructures to a selected monomer and/or polymer resin.

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Benjamin R. Furman; Stephen T. Wellinghoff; Michael J. Rubal