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System for Determining Liquid Flow Rate Through Leaks in Impermeable Membrane Liners: 4,751,467


A method and apparatus for determining the rate of flow of a leak through a geomembrane is set forth. In the preferred and illustrated embodiment, a surrounding lower skirt having a peripheral weight thereabout is placed on the bottom to surround the location of the leak. The skirt supports a cover. A portion of the skirt or cover is made of an ionic and electrically permeable membrane to permit current flow. A second liquid is defined to be miscible with the first liquid and to have a markedly different electrical conductivity. The rate of flow of the second liquid out of the lower skirt and cover is determined by measuring the electrical potential between liquid in the impoundment and the second liquid within the skirt as the electrical conductivity of the surrounding earth is altered by invasion of the second liquid into the soil under the geomembrane liner. The apparatus utilizes a reservoir of the second liquid which is delivered through a suitable valve and fill hose into the lower skirt and cover.

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John W. Cooper