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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
2,535,099 12/25/1950 Brush Puller

Thomas Slick

2,715,013 08/08/1955 Apparatus For Erecting a Building

Thomas B. Slick

2,686,420 10/10/1955 Method of Erecting Buildings

Philip N. Youtz

2,834,166 05/12/1958 Packaging Machine

Joseph W. Fogwell; Herbert Hoffman; William Oakey; Willis L. Donaldson

2,880,172 03/30/1959 Process for Extinguishing Burning Magnesium & Other Combustible Metals

Roy T. McCutchan

2,885,633 05/04/1959 Electrical Crevasse Detector

John C. Cook

2,936,041 05/09/1960 Pulsation Dampening Apparatus

James M. Sharp; Miles T. Hanchett; James P. Lincoln; Henry W. Simpson

2,951,638 06/05/1960 Gas Pumping System Analog

John V. Hughes; William L. Rollwitz

2,979,940 04/17/1961 Method for Measuring Forces Within a System

Glenn Damewood; Miles T. Hanchett

2,997,124 08/21/1961 Mechanical Vibration Reducing Apparatus

Glenn Damewood; Miles T. Hanchett