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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
8,151,691 04/09/2012 Variable compression ratio piston with rate-sensitive response

Jean-Pierre Pirault; Riccardo Meldolesi; Christopher Chadwell

5,228,011 07/12/1993 Variable Multi-Stage Arc Discharge Acoustic Pulse Source Transducer

Thomas E. Owen

5,558,054 09/23/1996 Variable Preload System for Valve Springs

Jongmin Lee; Susumu Ariga

7,459,999 12/01/2008 Variable-Diameter Electromagnetic Coil

Gary L. Burkhardt; Albert J. Parvin Jr.; Todd H. Goyen

5,663,520 09/01/1997 Vehicle Mine Protection Structure

Michael D. Ladika; Dennis Jerome Malone; David John Stevens

5,020,826 06/03/1991 Vehicle Suspension System

Gary L. Stecklein; Glenn R. Wendel

10,612,893 04/07/2020 Vehicular External Force Absorption Systems and Methods

Joseph Hogan Bradley

4,850,524 07/24/1989 Vertical Strip Clad Welding Method and Apparatus

Wilbur R. Schick; Dwight M. Lloyd

7,817,162 10/18/2010 Virtual Blasting System for Removal of Coating and/or Rust from a Virtual Surface

Michael Bolick; Chris Lampe; Jason Ebensberger; Jeremiah Treloar; Rick Klein; Eric Conrad Peterson; Chad Jason Zalkin

7,839,417 11/22/2010 Virtual Coatings Application System

Jason M. Ebensberger; Michael J. Bolick; Jeremiah G. Treloar; Richard J. Klein II; Eric C. Peterson; Chad J. Zalkin; James B. Fisher; Leslie C. Hughes