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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
7,603,245 10/12/2009 Blind Estimation of Bandwidth and Duration Parameters of an Incoming Signal

Jared McGehee

8,404,850 03/25/2013 Bis-Quaternary Pyridinium-Aldoxime Salts and Treatment of Exposure to Cholinesterase Inhibitors

Larry Allen Cabell; Joseph A. McDonough

5,925,370 07/19/1999 Biorepellant Matrix Coating

David M. Bullat; Niraj Vasishtha

8,417,959 04/08/2013 Biometric Device Based on Luminescence

Ralph H. Hill Jr.

9,217,116 12/21/2015 Biogas Purification System and Methods of Use Thereof

Francis Y. Huang

7,655,055 02/01/2010 BioFuel

John Andrew Waynick

9,693,967 07/04/2017 Biodegradable Microparticle Pharmaceutical Formulations Exhibiting Improved Released Rates

Joseph T. Persyn; Joseph A. McDonough; Neal K. Vail; Darren E. Barlow; Albert M. Zwiener; Eliot M. Slovin

5,254,598 10/18/1993 Biodegradable Composition and Products

Herman W. Schlameus; Mary C. Marshall; Stephen T. Wellingthoff; Donald J. Mangold; James R. Scott

8,900,610 12/01/2014 Biocidal Fibrous and Film Materials Comprising Silver and Chlorite Ions

Stephen T. Wellinghoff

6,280,509 08/27/2001 Biocidal Coating Compositions and Method

William A. Mallow