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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
6,348,177 02/18/2002 Apparatus and Method for Bypassing Sulfur Dioxide Around an Aftreatment Device in an Exhaust Gas Aftreatment System

Gordon J. Bartley; Magdi Khair

8,899,020 12/01/2014 Apparatus and Method for Assisting Selective Catalytic Reduction

Rijing Zhan

6,581,014 06/16/2003 Apparatus and Method for Analysis of Guided Ultrasonic Waves

James A. Sills; Christian J. Schwartz

4,165,649 08/27/1979 Apparatus & Method for Ultrasonic Inspection of Highly Attenuative Materials

Amos S. Greer, Jr.

7,405,184 07/28/2008 Anti-traction, mobility denial methods and products

Ronald J. Mathis; Mary C. Marshall; Nicholle K. Reinhardt; Errol M. Brigance; Geronimo I. Elias Jr.; Kenneth R. Collins

7,625,848 11/30/2009 Anti-Traction Compositions

Ronald J. Mathis; Mary C. Massey; Nicholle K. Reinhardt; Errol M. Brigance; Geronimo I. Elias; Dennis S. Rushforth

7,422,607 09/08/2008 Anti-Calcification Treatments for Heart Valves and Vascular Grafts

Henry W. Oviatt; Neal K. Vail

3,006,649 10/30/1961 Animal Immobilizer

Edward J. Gesick; Willis L. Mynatt; John W. McCoy

4,936,851 06/25/1990 Analytic Bone Implant

W.C. Fox; W.T. Balogh; P.J. Pantermuehl; T.B. Aufdemore; G.R. Holt

3,643,181 02/14/1972 Amplitude and/or Frequency-Modulated Paramagnetic Resonance

William A. Stirrat; William L. Rollwitz; Gilbert A. Persyn