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System and Method for Detection of Fiber Optic Cable Using Static and Induced Charge: 7,155,107


The system and method provides means for detecting fiber optic cable embedded within a structure such as a wall of a building. It relies upon detecting an electrical field generated by movement of static and induced electrical charged fiber optic cable contained within the building wall. The invention is particularly useful when only one side of a wall structure is accessible and there is no access to the fiber optic cable. The process comprises the steps of locating wall studs, making a small hole in the wall material between the wall studs at approximately mid height, inserting a field emitter in the small hole for generating an electrical charge on a fiber cable, inserting an air nozzle in the small hole to create fiber cable movement, and detecting an electric field generated by the movement of an electrically charged fiber cable.

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Jerome A. Helffrich; Glenn M. Light; Clinton J. Thwing