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System and Method for High Accuracy Printing on a 3D Surface: 10,940,698


A method and system for printing an image on a 3D surface is provided, wherein a printing robot is controlled to first carry out an encoder pattern capture run. During this run a print head of the robot is controlled to track an encoder pattern, which may be slightly distorted, on the 3D surface while inertial data from an inertial data measurement unit that is fixed to the print head is stored together with orientational and positional data derived from an image captured of a portion of the encoder pattern that is captured by a camera mounted on the printing head. Next, during a printing run, the print head is controlled such that the camera tracks the encoder pattern for a second time, while printing by the print head and/or a position of the print head is adjusted based on the inertial and orientational and positional data that were stored during the encoder pattern capture run.

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Christopher L. Lewis, Matthew M. Robinson, Paul T. Evans, Peter Boeijink, Branson P. Brockschmidt