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System and Method for Maintaining Multiphase Flow With Minimal Solids Degradation: 5,660,617


An apparatus and method for maintaining continuous flow in a closed loop test system, of a multiphase composition such as that utilized and obtained from oil and gas wells and the like. The method and system provide a test structure whereby a study of the changes in a multiphase composition (gas/liquid/solid) flow can be studied. Specifically, the method and apparatus provide for pressure boosting the gaseous components of the multiphase composition after separation from the liquid and solid components of the system. A hydrostatic head through which the liquid and solid components flow provides the necessary potential energy-kinetic energy exchange such that when the pressure boosted gas is recombined with the downcomer liquid/solid components, continuous flow of the multiphase composition is maintained. Pressure and temperature controls permit the accurate maintenance of pressure, temperature and flow conditions so as to imitate a real-world environment for multiphase composition flow.

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Gregory John Hatton