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System and Method for Overlaying Ultrasound Imagery on a Laparoscopic Camera Display: 8,267,853


The present disclosure relates to a system for overlaying ultrasound imagery on a laparoscopic camera display. The system may include a laparoscope configured to capture a laparoscopic image of a surgical field and a laparoscopic ultrasound probe configured to capture an ultrasonic image of a structure in the surgical field. The system may further include a tracking system configured to detect a position and orientation of the laparoscope and a position and orientation of the laparoscopic ultrasound probe. The system may further include data associated with the laparoscope wherein the data indicates a distortion in the laparoscopic image. The system may further include a computer configured to receive the laparoscopic image, the ultrasonic image and the distortion data associated with the laparoscope. The computer may be configured to position and orient the ultrasonic image relative to the laparoscopic image, adjust the ultrasonic image based upon the distortion data, combine the adjusted ultrasonic image with the laparoscopic image, and output the combined images.

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James Brian Fisher; Steven P. Bowers; Kent R. Van Sickle; Warren Carl Couvillion Jr.; Robert D. Wright; Jeremy W. Cannon