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Techniques for Mitigating Low-Speed Pre-Ignition Conditions in an Engine and a Fuel Delivery System Using the Same: 9,797,334


Aspects and embodiments disclosed herein indicate a correlation exists between a specific gravity of combustible fuel and the occurrence of low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) within engines. Thus techniques are disclosed herein for online measurement of the specific gravity of fuel within an engine, and allow for preventative measures to be executed to minimize or otherwise mitigate the incidence of LSPI when the calculated specific gravity of the fuel exceeds a predefined threshold. In an embodiment, the preventative measures may include, for example, altering or otherwise adjusting an engine map such that an injection timing scheme injects less poor-quality fuel into engine cylinders, thus advantageously preventing the engine from operating at full-power when conditions for LSPI are present. 

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Garrett L. Anderson,Thomas E. Briggs Jr.