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Techniques for Spatializing Audio Received in RF Transmissions and a System and Method Implementing Same: 11,165,492


The present disclosure is generally directed to an approach for spatializing audio from a received radio transmission to allow a radio operator to audibly perceive audio from the received radio transmission as if originating from a direction that corresponds to a physical location of the transmitting radio. On the receiving side, also referred to herein as a receive (RX) pipeline, a radio device configured consistent with the present disclosure includes utilizing an orientation tracker, and head related transform functions to generate a binaural representation of an incoming transmission such that audio associated with the same gets spatialized to sound as if coming from a direction corresponding to the transmitting radio. On the transmit side, also referred to herein as the transmit (TX) pipeline, includes utilizing a location sensor (e.g., a time of flight and/or GPS sensor) and encoding scheme such that radio transmissions include associated geographical location data.

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Tyler Thomas Bull, Albert J. Parvin, Jr., Gregg C. Williams