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Tester for a Reed Relay Printed Circuit Board: 5,028,873


The disclosure describes a tester for determining the operating condition of a Reed Relay Printed Circuit Board (PCB) device. A Reed Relay PCB to be tested is connected directly to the tester for testing in a data flow per path environment as it would be functionally connected with a data acquisition system, such as a "Ramp Scanner" model 128RR by Kaye Instruments, Inc. The tester develops accurate voltages for the test and connects them for powering components as well as for simulating data flow. As each data flow path is sequenced in its turn, the time of opening of a previous relay contact as a next contact is closed is monitored, and if it exceeds a predetermined amount of time, a visual indicator light is energized and latched in its energized state. Also, the tester includes other test circuits for testing the operating functionality of each data flow path.

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Timothy L. Koebke