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Thin Film Strain Transducer: 4,498,231


A strain transducer system 10 and process for making same is disclosed wherein a beryllium-copper ring 13 having four strain gages 12, 14, 26 and 28 disposed thereon and electrically connected in Wheatstone bridge fashion to output instrumentation 25. Tabs 16 and 20 are bonded to a balloon or like surface 11 with strain on the surface 11 causing bending of ring 13 and providing an electrical signal through gages 12, 14, 26 and 28 proportional to the surface strain. FIG. 2 illustrates a pattern of a one-half ring segment as placed on a sheet of beryllium-copper for chem-mill etch formation, prior to bending and welding of a pair of the segments to form a ring structure 13.

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James L. Rand