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TI---SI---C---N Piston Ring Coatings: 10,316,970


A Ti--Si--C--N coating for a piston ring and a method forming such coating, wherein the deposited coating exhibits a thickness in the range of 10.0 micrometers to 20.0 micrometers and exhibits a coefficient of friction of less than 0.15 and a wear rate of less than 10.times.10.sup.-6 mm.sup.3/N/m. The coefficient of friction being measured on a Plint TE77 and the wear rate being measured against an alumina ball of 0.25 inches in diameter at a load of 1 N at 100 rpm in a dry environment. The deposited Ti--Si--C--N coating includes nanocrystalline phases in an amorphous matrix. 

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Jianliang Lin; Ronghua Wei; Peter Mark Lee; Daniel Christopher Bitsis, Jr.