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Turbocharged Downsized Compression Cylinder for a Split-Cycle Engine: 8,807,099


A split-cycle engine includes an expander, the expander including an expansion piston received within an expansion cylinder. A compressor includes a compression piston received within a compression cylinder. A crossover passage interconnects the compression and expansion cylinders. An intake manifold is connected to the compression cylinder. A boosting device providing a 1.7 bar absolute or greater boost pressure level is connected to the intake manifold. An intake valve is disposed between the intake manifold and the compression cylinder. The intake valve closing is timed to provide a compressor volumetric efficiency of 0.75 or greater. A compressor displacement volume is sized relative to an expander displacement volume such that the combination of compressor displacement volume and boost pressure level provides an expander volumetric efficiency relative to ambient conditions that is 0.90 or greater.

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David P. Branyon; Kevin L. Hoag; Salvatore C. Scuderi