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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
3,744,018 07/02/1973 Method of and Apparatus for Producing a Repetitive Seismic Impulse

Charles D. Wood

3,746,971 07/16/1973 Sampling Spinning Cell for NMR of Flowing Systems

William H. Storey, Jr.; Daniel A. Montalvo

3,750,837 08/06/1973 Explosive Seismic Energy Source with Quick Release Valve

Charles D. Wood

3,752,240 08/13/1973 Method of and Apparatus for Providing an Impact to a Vehicled Carried Penetrating Tool

Charles D. Wood; John M. Clark

3,756,416 09/03/1973 Apparatus Having a Filter Panel Disposed Across a Fluid Passageway

Charles D. Wood

3,755,825 09/03/1973 Artificial Heart Consisting of a Biventricular Pump with Control Mechanisms for Total Replacement of Human Heart

Michael E. DeBakey; William Hall

3,764,892 10/08/1973 Spectroscopic Apparatus

William L. Rollwitz

3,766,831 10/22/1973 Compound Axial Torsional Hydraulic Actuator

Lester M. Yeakley

3,773,469 11/19/1973 Method and Apparatus for Determining the Amount of Certain Components in a Substance, Such as Inorganic Carbon and the like

Leland L. Hiser; Clarence A. Boldt; David S. Tarazi; Oscar Saenz

3,783,370 12/31/1973 Method and Circuit for Compensating Barkhausen Signal Measurements in Magnetic Materials Having a Variable Geometry

James A. Birdwell; John R. Barton; Clarence G. Gardner