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Vehicular External Force Absorption Systems and Methods: 10,612,893


The systems and methods described herein provide a vehicular force absorption system that includes an interference damper that couples a vehicle external hull with a vehicle floor that is spaced apart from the vehicle external hull. The interference damper includes a common member having a first breakaway member coupled or connected to a second breakaway member. The coupling or connection between the first breakaway member and the second breakaway member may have a defined yield point at which the first breakaway member separates from the second breakaway member when subjected to a tensile force. The interference damper further includes a plurality of curved members that provide a resistive force against the separation of the first breakaway member and the second breakaway member. The resistive force provided by the interference damper beneficially reduces the force exerted on personnel and/or cargo in contact with the vehicle floor. 

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Joseph Hogan Bradley