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Virtual Vehicle Transmission Test Cell: 6,754,603


The virtual vehicle transmission test cell includes an electric motor which simulates a fuel driven engine, an output motor which simulates the load a transmission experiences in a vehicle, and an environmental element which controls the ambient environment of the transmission and the temperature of the transmission oil within the transmission. The virtual vehicle transmission test cell reduces in-vehicle testing, reduces testing with fuel-driven test cells, and enables development of a transmission design before a corresponding engine is completed and built for testing.

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Marlin R. Turbett; Robert M. Senseney; Steven D. Nash; Michael R. Rosati; David T. Stark; Alfonso G. Hysko; Robert W. Tator; David L. Joseph; Paul A. Piorkowski; Gary L. Stecklein; Matthew S. Castiglione; Joe Steiber; Bemjamin A. Treichel; Bapiraju Surampudi