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Weather Effects Generator for Simulation Systems: 5,926,401


A weather effects generator that generates weather data based on real-world weather data, and provides this data to a host simulator. The type of data provided and the spatial distribution of the data depend on the type of simulation. A real world database is accessed to obtain a dataspace of weather data elements, each having a location parameter and various weather-related parameters. For visual display simulators, the data elements are preprocessed to obtain color, transparency, and texture values for each data element. The preprocessed data elements are further processed to obtain a prioritized display list of those data elements that correspond to field-of-view data provided by the simulator. Each data element in this list is assigned a graphics primitive that can be rasterized in accordance with the color and transparency values. Simulators other than visual display simulators provide location data and receive data representing the weather effects at that location.

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Bruce C. Montag; Dennis J. Wenzel; Richard P. Weyrauch