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Press Releases

08/05/2020 SwRI receives $764,000 in ARPA-E funding to design zero-emission power plant

Project utilizes supercritical carbon dioxide, carbon capture and energy storage

08/03/2020 SwRI-led Lucy mission one step closer to the Trojan asteroids

Team enters spacecraft assembly phase of NASA mission

07/28/2020 SwRI, UTSA researchers work to better understand hypersonic flight environments

Project will utilize laser-induced fluorescence to determine the air flow patterns and chemical breakdown of the air surrounding hypersonic objects

07/27/2020 SwRI, UTSA researchers receive grant to reduce cost of malaria treatment

Project will focus on novel synthesis of antimalarial drug derived from artemisinin

07/22/2020 SwRI awarded contract to develop solar wind plasma sensor

NOAA funds sensor to monitor solar wind as it approaches Earth

07/14/2020 SwRI testing N95, KN95 respirators, surgical masks in response to COVID-19

Engineers offering new service to evaluate particle filtration, flow resistance

07/09/2020 SAPPT Fuels COVID-19 Research

Partnership awards funding for three collaborative projects

07/06/2020 SAPPT receives nearly $100,000 gift for critical COVID-19 research

San Antonio Area Foundation responds to call for funding

07/01/2020 SwRI completes construction on STEP Pilot Plant building

First-of-its-kind facility will demonstrate higher-efficiency, lower-cost electric power technology

06/30/2020 SwRI’s SLED-W algorithms detect crude oil on water

Machine vision research to expand from laboratory to field studies near oil production, distribution regions

06/29/2020 SwRI scientists demonstrate speed, precision of in situ planetary dating device

CODEX designed to determine age of rocks on Mars, the Moon without having to return samples

06/24/2020 Kansas DOT selects SwRI’s ActiveITS™ for statewide transportation operations

ActiveITS advanced traffic management tool supports 13 state agencies across U.S.

06/23/2020 SwRI receives $1.3 million to build robotic inspection system for nuclear waste storage tanks

Engineers will build guided wave robot to help ensure continued safe storage of nuclear waste

06/22/2020 SwRI-managed TRACERS heliophysics mission enters Phase B

SwRI also developing ion instrument to study electrodynamics in the polar cusps

06/09/2020 DOE NETL commissions SwRI to develop methane quantification technology

Project builds upon previous DOE-funded research using machine learning to detect methane leaks