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Press Releases

10/22/2019 SwRI concept wins NREL energy storage prize

Approach aims to lower costs, construction time for building pumped storage reservoir dams

10/21/2019 SwRI-led Lucy mission completes critical design review

NASA mission to the Trojan asteroids enters construction phase

10/14/2019 San Antonio’s four leading research institutions join together for groundbreaking partnership in precision therapeutics

Collaboration among UT Health San Antonio, Texas Biomed, UTSA and SwRI will lead to personalized therapies while serving as a worldwide health care model

10/08/2019 SwRI cell expansion research receives additional $5.3 million in funding

MTEC, FDA projects to develop new tool for stem cell, CAR T-cell manufacturing

10/07/2019 SwRI space scientist part of international team that uses deep learning to create virtual “super instrument”

Virtual instrument can analyze complex data through advanced artificial intelligence and learn to synthesize useful scientific data

10/02/2019 SwRI hosting Manufacturing Day event showcasing technology, industry trends

Annual event highlights the role of manufacturing in U.S. economy

10/02/2019 NASA’s Juno Prepares to Jump Jupiter’s Shadow

10-hour propulsion maneuver executed to avoid eclipse

10/01/2019 SwRI scientist part of team characterizing near Earth objects

NASA studying population to understand impact risks, potential exploration

09/30/2019 SwRI team designs two-dimensional radar reflector to measure subtle ground movement

Technology now available to support infrastructure monitoring, climate, military applications

09/26/2019 SwRI-led PUNCH mission to image Sun’s outer corona enters Phase B

PUNCH team begins work on preliminary flight design for 2023 mission

09/24/2019 SwRI hypersonic research spotlights future flight challenges

Researchers test objects flying at faster than 10 times the speed of sound

09/18/2019 New SwRI study argues that Saturn’s rings are actually not young

Research of Cassini data suggests icy rings are as old as the solar system itself

09/17/2019 Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center at SwRI offers cybersecurity support to federal contractors

Compliance services meet NIST SP 800-171 standard for deterrent, manufacturing applications

09/16/2019 SwRI offers introductory microencapsulation workshop

Two-day course to highlight common, emerging techniques

09/10/2019 DOD selects SwRI-led program to support military units

Integrated system prototype will rapidly deliver tactical satellite data