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Press Releases

05/28/2020 SwRI awarded $1.9 million contract to develop treatment for COVID-19 in collaboration with DOD

DOD supercomputers virtually screen millions of drug compounds with SwRI’s Rhodium software

05/27/2020 NASA awards SwRI $3 million to develop lunar LASVEGAS

Compact precision spectrometer will characterize planetary materials

05/26/2020 SwRI engineers develop near-zero emissions engine technology

Technology achieves 90% reduction of diesel engine NOx emissions

05/26/2020 SAPPT and VDCOSA receive $1 million gift for COVID-19 Research

USAA and The USAA Foundation supporting San Antonio biosciences

05/19/2020 SwRI announces liquid propellant system design course for rocket applications

October course designed for growing commercial spaceflight sector

05/18/2020 SwRI’s Dr. Robin Canup named co-chair of Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey

Survey will identify important scientific questions, rank upcoming NASA missions

05/18/2020 SwRI opens new automotive Catalyst Technology Center

Facility expands catalyst testing capacity, reducing costs and turnaround time

05/12/2020 SwRI expands fuel processing capabilities with new large-scale reactor

Uniquely configured fixed-bed pilot plant streamlines process development

05/11/2020 SwRI scientist modeled Mars climate to understand habitability

Study suggests terrestrial life unlikely to contaminate planet

04/29/2020 SAPPT Awards $200,000 for COVID-19 Vaccine Project

SwRI chemist part of drug discovery team

04/28/2020 SwRI Safety Engineer receives ASSP’s 2020 Emerging Professional Award

Herron will also receive professional development, mentorship honors

04/21/2020 SwRI awarded $12.8 million to develop space weather instrument

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration funds magnetometer to monitor solar wind as it approaches Earth

04/21/2020 New alliance supports medical manufacturing in South-Central Texas

Medical Manufacturing Alliance of South-Central Texas connects supply chain with material, expertise

05/10/2020 SwRI offers electrostatic spray drying for microencapsulation

New equipment enhances food, drug development capabilities

04/13/2020 SwRI-led PUNCH mission achieves milestone

NASA mission will study the creation of the solar wind