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Press Releases

10/05/2016 Southwest Research Institute burning cleaner

New pollution abatement system provides “greener” fire analysis and evaluation

09/29/2016 SwRI Alice spectrograph completes ESA mission to comet 67P

Rosetta instrument provided first-ever ultraviolet observations of a comet

09/28/2016 SwRI to hold Manufacturing Day open house

Presentation, tours to showcase advanced technologies, processes

09/27/2016 Alger to receive ASME Internal Combustion Engine Award

Recognized for innovations in internal combustion engine technologies

09/22/2016 SwRI upgrades Locomotive Technology Center to meet EPA certification guidelines

Addition will help OEMs meet new emissions standards

08/29/2016 SwRI to demonstrate low-cost miniature solar observatory

Balloon-borne payload will image solar soundwaves

08/29/2016 SwRI will lead $3.3 million oxy-combustion pilot plant study

Technology will help advance clean coal power

08/16/2016 Dannemann named Fellow of ASM International

Honor recognizes contributions to materials science and engineering

08/02/2016 NASA invites media to learn about new hurricane mission

CYGNSS hurricane constellation scheduled to launch this fall

08/02/2016 SwRI space scientists observe Io’s atmospheric collapse during eclipse

Research reveals freezing effects of Jupiter’s shadow on moon’s volcanic gases

08/02/2016 SwRI collaborating with Singapore researchers to expand ROS-Industrial

Consortium to provide robotics R&D for advanced manufacturing in Asia-Pacific region

07/26/2016 SwRI-led study shows puzzling paucity of large craters on dwarf planet Ceres

Dwarf planet may continuously refresh its surface

07/20/2016 SwRI receives $7.8 million in funding from DOE

Three projects to advance turbine systems for gas-fired power plants

07/19/2016 SwRI to develop educational experiments for NASA-funded STEM grant

SAPREP students to benefit from hands-on science with simulated moon mission

07/12/2016 Spencer selected for AGU’s Whipple Award

Award recognizes contributions to planetary science