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Press Releases

02/21/2018 SwRI developing flight test solutions through DARPA BRASS, AFRL contract

Researchers aim for better interoperability among flight test instrumentation vendors

02/19/2018 Alan Stern to receive National Award of Nuclear Science & History

Stern’s contributions to planetary and astrophysical research cited

02/19/2018 SwRI 70th annual meeting features technical briefings, demos, tours at R&D powerhouse

Zachry, Alexander named chairman, vice chairman

02/13/2018 SwRI sponsors ITS America 2018 Student Essay Competition with cash prize

Essays to address how disruptive technologies can affect intelligent transportation systems

01/31/2018 SwRI to host inaugural International Multiphase Flow Separation Symposium

IMFS2 will focus on key separation issues facing the oil and gas industry

01/09/2018 SwRI receives $1.1 million to improve oxy-combustion technology

Goal is to remove harmful particulates that can lead to machinery erosion 

12/12/2017 SwRI ECTO-Lab quickly, cost-effectively qualifies catalysts, emission control products

ECTO-Lab employs SwRI-developed modular technology also available for purchase 

12/04/2017 Collisions after Moon formation remodeled early Earth

Large planetesimals delivered more mass to nascent Earth than previously thought

11/27/2017 SwRI Smart Leak Detection system locates hazardous chemical spills

SLED recognized as one of top 100 inventions of the year

11/27/2017 SwRI develops convenient, cost-effective coating technique

HiPIPS system recognized as one of top 100 inventions of the year

11/21/2017 SwRI wins two 2017 R&D 100 Awards

SLED pipeline monitoring, HiPIPS surface coating technologies among top inventions of the year

11/09/2017 SwRI, UTSA jointly invest in corrosion, energy projects

Connect projects to each receive $125,000 in funding

10/30/2017 SwRI researching cybersecurity weaknesses in transportation management systems

TRB funding security audits with penetration testing, security measures to address potential threats

10/18/2017 Popular Science recognizes SwRI, collaborators for Uptane automotive security updates

Research team earns 2017 Best of What’s New Award for automotive cyber security protocol

10/18/2017 SwRI scientists dig into the origin of organics on Ceres

Research suggests organic materials are native to the dwarf planet