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Press Releases

05/31/2018 SwRI develops superhydrophobic coating, process for subsea pipelines

Technology aimed at preventing adhesion of hydrates, other deposits

05/23/2018 SwRI scientists introduce cosmochemical model for Pluto formation

New Horizons, Rosetta data fusion points to new theory

05/22/2018 SwRI receives $1.2 million from DOE to advance turbine technology

Projects will address efficiency, power and environmental performance

05/21/2018 SwRI announces 2018 International Human Performance Summit

Sports scientists to discuss research applications for elite sports, military programs

05/09/2018 SwRI joins Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute consortium

Collaboration will focus on tissue engineering, manufacturing

05/08/2018 SwRI developing flameless oxy-combustion technology for coal-fired plants

Goal is to assess cost, create design for a 50 MW power plant

05/01/2018 SwRI receives NASA contract to test propellant delivery system

Experiment will fly on New Shepard suborbital launch vehicle

04/18/2018 SwRI’s Martian moons model indicates formation following large impact

New models predict that Phobos, Deimos compositions will be similar to Mars but dry

04/10/2018 SwRI engineers receive SAE John Johnson Award for technical paper

Research addressed to reach ultra-low NOx emissions in heavy-duty diesel engine

04/04/2018 NRC renews SwRI contract to operate Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses

CNWRA supports NRC with technical assistance for research and nuclear regulatory reviews

03/20/2018 SwRI-led team to develop drones for use in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Engineers test autonomous UAS to fly inside damaged nuclear power station

03/14/2018 SwRI-led mission finds Jupiter’s atmospheric beauty is more than skin deep

NASA’s Juno discovers a brand new Jupiter

03/06/2018 SwRI to receive up to $49 million for efficient, alternative energy technologies

Work will support U.S. Air Force energy goals

02/28/2018 Burch elected to S.A. Aviation and Aerospace Hall of Fame

Stern to deliver keynote address at March 22 awards banquet

02/27/2018 SwRI patents high-speed flash memory system for use on satellites

Compact technology will support smaller, less expensive space systems