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Press Releases

12/17/2018 SwRI receives $2 million DOE grant supporting innovative energy storage system

Low-cost system can store energy for longer periods

12/10/2018 SwRI solar activity research provides insight into Sun’s past, future

New technique adds context to historical solar data, possible climate change effects

12/10/2018 SwRI-led team finds evidence for carbon-rich surface on Ceres

Ceres offers insight into the synthesis, transport of organic matter in the inner solar system

12/03/2018 SwRI tribologist named Institution of Mechanical Engineers Fellow

Peter Lee founded tribology section at SwRI

11/27/2018 SwRI’s James Dante Receives SERDP Project of the Year Award

Program identified methods to evaluate corrosion resistance provided by new paints

11/15/2018 SwRI’s Alan Stern appointed to National Science Board

Stern, best known for New Horizons mission, will influence national science policy

11/15/2018 SwRI scientists map magnetic reconnection in Earth’s magnetotail

Nightside reconnection energizes aurora, excites electron jets

11/15/2018 SwRI’s Scott Bolton honored by Smithsonian Magazine

Jupiter mission leader receives 2018 American Ingenuity Award in physical sciences

11/14/2018 SwRI’s Terry Alger honored with TAMEST O’Donnell Award

Award recognizes groundbreaking research in automotive engineering

11/06/2018 DARPA expands SwRI’s flight test interoperability contract to ground vehicles

Researchers using BRASS to connect C4ISR/EW to electronic architecture interoperability initiatives

10/29/2018 SwRI improves structural health monitoring with magnetostrictive transducer

New sensor design provides more precise inspections, reduces human error

10/24/2018 SwRI team makes breakthroughs studying Pluto orbiter mission

Team completes first Pluto orbital tour design, reveals orbiter can escape into Kuiper Belt for more exploration

10/23/2018 BC Download Test 2


10/23/2018 BC Download Test


10/22/2018 SwRI scientist explores a better way to predict space weather

Kappa distribution of space plasma particles outperforms classical equation