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Press Releases

06/20/2017 Southwest Research Institute adds outdoor Flow Component Test Facility

Visit Southwest Research Institute at Valve World 2017 - Booth 3

06/14/2017 SwRI pipeline inspection technology breaks new ground

Secures patent for process to detect coating defects using magnetic field variations

05/25/2017 SwRI-led Juno mission to Jupiter delivers first science results

King of the planets even more exotic than expected

05/22/2017 Joint UTSA-SwRI study shows how radioactive decay could support extraterrestrial life

Scientists modeled ocean-floor conditions that could sustain hydrogen-eating microbes 

05/16/2017 SwRI turbocharges drug discovery using mobile phone technology

Custom Rhodium drug development software has quadrupled in processing speed

05/16/2017 SwRI to host 2017 International Human Performance Summit

Elite sports scientists to present human performance research to top athletics programs, military

05/08/2017 SwRI patented technology allows automated vehicles to pilot aerial drones

System gives automated ground vehicles an eye in the sky to traverse off-road terrain

05/04/2017 SwRI spectrograph to help answer some of the mysteries of the Sun

RAISE launching from White Sands for 15-minute flight

05/01/2017 Pushing the limit

Southwest Research Institute adds Extreme High-Pressure High-Temperature facility

04/25/2017 SwRI-led team discovers lull in Mars’ giant impact history

This calm before the storm supports late heavy bombardment theory

04/14/2017 SwRI-developed mobile system to destroy dangerous chemical warfare agents on site

Mobile treatment unit uses readily available resources in the field, producing no hazardous waste

04/13/2017 SwRI scientists discover evidence for a habitable region within Saturn’s moon Enceladus

Hydrogen gas points to hydrothermal activity in an ocean beneath the moon’s icy surface

04/12/2017 Robin Canup elected member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

2017 class includes leaders from academia, business, the humanities and the arts

04/05/2017 SwRI managing development of OCTOCAM astronomical instrument

Celestial workhorse will enhance Gemini South observations

04/05/2017 Steve Dellenback receives SAE International Delco ITS Award

Innovator recognized for exceptional work in Intelligent Transportation Systems