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Press Releases

08/05/2019 SwRI’s George Wilson receives ASTM’s highest individual award

Award of Merit recognizes distinguished service by individuals to society

07/30/2019 SwRI adds unique, efficient engine wear testing rig

New tribology device designed by SwRI engineers to investigate wear mechanisms

07/29/2019 SwRI wins $127,000 in funding at U.S. Army Pitch Day event

Engineers to create more accurate, cost-effective model for armored vehicles

07/22/2019 SwRI and UTSA collaborate to better understand metal degradation

Researchers will study potential for cracking in additively manufactured materials

07/15/2019 SwRI, UTSA researchers create innovative model for sCO2 power generation

Project involves visualizing combustion flames in sCO2

06/25/2019 SwRI scientist develops novel algorithm to aid search for exoplanets

Machine learning tool allows scientists to search stellar data for likely exoplanet host stars

06/25/2019 SwRI-led team studies binaries to make heads or tails of planet formation

Kuiper Belt object orientations support streaming instability hypothesis

06/20/2019 NASA selects SwRI’s PUNCH mission to image beyond the Sun’s outer corona

PUNCH microsats will investigate solar corona contributions to the solar wind

06/17/2019 SwRI discusses fluid dynamics at 2019 Valve World Americas Expo

Presentations focus on research, driving innovation in a wide variety of industries

06/11/2019 SwRI hosting 2019 International Human Performance Summit in San Antonio

Event unites elite sports, military specialists to discuss sports science research

06/04/2019 SwRI’s ActiveVision enables transportation agencies to automate traffic monitoring

Machine learning tool autonomously detects weather, traffic anomalies in real-time

05/30/2019 SwRI’s Singer wins Urey Prize for planetary research

AAS Division for Planetary Sciences honors her as outstanding young scientist

05/16/2019 SwRI’s Christopher Freitas honored with ASME medal

Award recognizes decades of improvements to the mechanical engineering field

05/09/2019 SwRI, MBF Therapeutics sign exclusive license for proprietary drug delivery system

Treatment platform to explore cancer vaccine for animal health

05/01/2019 SwRI using drones with machine learning to automate methane leak detection

DOE NETL funding research of gas leak detection using infrared cameras on drones