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Press Releases

01/25/2022 SwRI scientist helps confirm liquid water beneath Martian south polar cap

Geophysical radar reflections, laboratory experiments point to slushy brines

01/19/2022 SwRI scientist uncovers evidence for an internal ocean in small Saturn moon

Discovery could point to a new class of “stealth” ocean worlds

01/05/2022 SwRI scientist helps simulate how our solar system formed from rings

Model demonstrates orbital architecture, composition of inner solar system

01/03/2022 SwRI’s Elizabeth Trillo named NACE Fellow

Engineer recognized for minimizing the effects of corrosion

12/20/2021 CYGNSS satellites celebrate five years of conducting critical hurricane research

Mission expanded to evaluate soil moisture, flooding, methane emissions

11/22/2021 SwRI New Horizons scientist measures brightness of our galaxy at key ultraviolet wavelength

Researcher utilized SwRI-developed instrument on New Horizons to measure how much Lyman-alpha light the Milky Way galaxy is shining on our solar system

11/16/2021 Thacker to lead SwRI’s Mechanical Engineering Division

SwRI’s Mechanical Engineering Division serves government and industry clients worldwide

11/15/2021 SwRI successfully demonstrated drone autonomy technology at 2021 EnRicH hackathon

New algorithms power drone-based hazard inspection, search/rescue, radiation detection

11/09/2021 SwRI developing connected vehicle data exchange platform for Florida Department of Transportation

Resulting platform will enable real-time, safety-critical data analysis, dissemination

11/08/2021 SwRI, UTSA to study hypersonic separation events with $1.5 million grant

Novel experiments to advance capabilities of hypersonic vehicles

11/03/2021 SwRI’s Dr. Peter Roming named American Physical Society Fellow

Honor recognizes exceptional contributions to physics

11/02/2021 SwRI’s Sidney Chocron named AIAA Associate Fellow

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics honors individuals advancing aerospace profession

11/02/2021 SwRI develops intrusion detection system for military ground vehicle cybersecurity

Digital fingerprinting detects anomalies, defends against cyberattacks on CAN bus protocol

11/01/2021 SwRI’s Imad Khalek elected Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers

SAE Fellowship honors individuals who have made significant impact on the mobility industry

11/01/2021 NASA selects SwRI-led CubeSat to assess the origins of hot plasma in the Sun’s corona

Project will study atomic composition of solar flares and solar magnetic active regions