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Press Releases

02/03/2016 SwRI named to inaugural class of S.A. Aviation and Aerospace Hall of Fame

SwRI among eight organizations and individuals recognized as San Antonio aviation and aerospace pioneers

02/03/2016 NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Burns for Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft performs maneuver. Jupiter is five months away

02/02/2016 SwRI-designed miniature spacecraft selected to fly on rocket’s test flight in 2018

CuSP will observe solar energetic particles in outer space

01/14/2016 Alan Stern awarded Carl Sagan Memorial Award by American Astronautical Society (AAS)

New Horizons team leader hopes Pluto mission will expand to study Kuiper Belt in outer reach of solar system

01/13/2016 Southwest Research Institute receives third consecutive WorldatWork Seal of Distinction

Recognition honors SwRI’s commitment to the well-being of its workforce

12/16/2015 SwRI-led consortium launches second year of advanced emissions research

AC2AT offers pre-competitive, collaborative approach to improve advanced engine technologies

12/16/2015 SwRI-led team receives $972,000 Energy Department contract

Research will support DOE’s Supercritical Transformational Electric Power (STEP) program

12/07/2015 SwRI’s Bottke to present AGU Shoemaker Lecture

Invited lecture will focus on a quiet period between two violent phases in solar system formation

11/20/2015 SwRI’s CAsed Pipeline COrrosion Model predicts corrosion conditions

CAPCOM recognized as one of top 100 inventions of the year

11/20/2015 SwRI’s Ranger localization technology allows precise automated driving

Ranger recognized as one of top 100 inventions of the year

11/17/2015 SwRI wins two 2015 R&D 100 Awards

CAPCOM corrosion modeling, Ranger localization technology among top inventions of the year

11/09/2015 SwRI scientists explain why Moon rocks contain fewer volatiles than Earth’s

New research shows Earth captured volatile-rich materials in final steps of Moon’s formation

10/26/2015 SwRI scientists predict that rocky planets formed from ‘pebbles’

New process explains massive differences between Earth and Mars

10/21/2015 SwRI expands its Heavy Article Test facility

Upgrade accommodates larger, heavier structures

10/20/2015 NASA’s IBEX spacecraft sets “gold standard” for understanding the galactic material surrounding our solar system

Mission opens window on the local interstellar environment, its composition, its properties, and other processes at work