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Press Releases

05/27/2015 Two Southwest Research Institute instruments selected for NASA Europa mission

SwRI-led mass spectrometer and ultraviolet spectrograph will investigate Jupiter’s fourth-largest moon

05/14/2015 Particle sensor consortium’s new phase aims at California’s emissions deadlines

Particle Sensor Performance and Durability II (PSPD-II) consortium plans future research

05/13/2015 Ward elected to National Academy of Sciences

NAS membership one of the highest honors awarded to U.S. scientists or engineers

05/12/2015 NASA funds SwRI instrument to date Moon and Mars rocks

CODEX device will allow unmanned rovers to determine the age of rocks, search for clues to life in the solar system

05/05/2015 SwRI reveals the first “images” of thunder

Scientists developed a large, sophisticated array of microphones to study the acoustic signature of thunder

04/16/2015 SwRI-led team studies meteorites from asteroids to date Moon-forming impact

Debris from the Moon-forming impact blasted main belt asteroids long ago, but left behind traces of what happened

03/18/2015 SwRI awarded second consecutive Seal of Distinction

SwRI receives its second Seal of Distinction at the WorldatWork AWLP 2015 Future of Work Forum

03/12/2015 SwRI-led researchers study methane-rich plumes from Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus

Methane produced by hydrothermal processes at rock-water boundary

03/10/2015 Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft Poised for Launch

MMS mission to study a universal force of nature: magnetic reconnection

03/03/2015 SwRI receives $9.9 million from U.S. DOE to improve solar plant efficiency

SwRI will lead a team of industry collaborators to develop a high-efficiency supercritical CO2 hot gas turbo-expander and compact heat exchangers for concentrating solar power plants.

03/03/2015 SwRI’s Walker named Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Walker to be formally recognized May 6 at AIAA Aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala

02/24/2015 Southwest Research Institute wins $20 million EPA contract for emissions testing, analytical services

SwRI to evaluate vehicles, fuels and additives to ensure regulatory and safety requirements

02/23/2015 SwRI directors, trustees get technical briefings at 67th Annual Trustees Meeting

Six cutting-edge science, technology projects highlighted

01/22/2015 Rosetta data reveals more surprises about comet 67P

Coma composition varies significantly over time

12/11/2014 SwRI scientists develop solar observatory for use on suborbital manned space missions

SSIPP will be on exhibit at AGU fall meeting