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Press Releases

02/23/2015 SwRI directors, trustees get technical briefings at 67th Annual Trustees Meeting

Six cutting-edge science, technology projects highlighted

01/22/2015 Rosetta data reveals more surprises about comet 67P

Coma composition varies significantly over time

12/11/2014 SwRI scientists develop solar observatory for use on suborbital manned space missions

SSIPP will be on exhibit at AGU fall meeting

11/13/2014 NASA New Horizons spacecraft set to wake up for Pluto encounter

New Horizons will awaken from hibernation for the last time this December

11/10/2014 SwRI-led team telescope effort reveals asteroid’s size for the first time

Scientists also discover Patroclus-Menoetius asteroid has a non-spherical shape

10/23/2014 Citizen scientists help SwRI researchers perform astronomy research

$1 million grant to fund citizen astronomers in rural communities of Western U.S.

10/23/2014 SwRI researchers named Ballistics Science Fellows of International Ballistics Society

Honor recognizes researchers’ contributions to field of ballistics technology

10/15/2014 Putzig named NASA Planetary Science Early Career Fellow

Fellowship opens new grant funding avenues for supplemental research

10/07/2014 SwRI opens new high-horsepower dynamometer facility to service marine, rail and petroleum industries

New facility expands SwRI’s large-engine research and evaluation for engines up to 7,000 horsepower 

09/23/2014 Manufacturing Day Open House

SwRI® offers glimpse into advanced technologies, processes available

09/15/2014 SwRI® launching consortium to develop new dynamic bearing test rig

New consortium kicks off Sept. 24 

09/08/2014 SwRI-sponsored Student Essay Winners announced

Three essay finalists chosen from entries throughout the United States

09/08/2014 SwRI® demonstrates leadership role in connected automation at 21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems

SwRI to showcase connected automation technologies at Technology Showcase on Belle Isle

09/08/2014 SwRI®, UTSA researchers prove biochar is low-cost, effective method to treat fracking water

Yearlong study discovers biochar effectively cleans chemicals released in flowback water

09/04/2014 Rosetta-Alice spectrograph obtains first far ultraviolet spectra of a cometary surface while orbiting Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Rosetta target comet is unusually dark, with no evident water-ice patches