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Press Releases

06/03/2014 SwRI announces collaboration with OSRF to advance industrial robotics

SwRI and OSRF enter cooperative agreement to support manufacturing automation and industrial robotics.

05/14/2014 SwRI’s McComas to receive 2014 COSPAR Space Science Award

Award to be conferred August 4 in Moscow

05/13/2014 SwRI® to launch catalyst and emission control technologies consortium

Four-year consortium to evaluate engine emissions and catalyst technologies

04/24/2014 J. Dan Bates, Southwest Research Institute President, Announces Retirement at End of Fiscal Year

Board names Adam Hamilton Successor

04/24/2014 SwRI® launches new automotive consortium focusing on fuels and lubricants

Consortium to study fuel and lubricant chemistry and its effects on engine combustion

04/08/2014 SwRI® debuts Dedicated EGR® demonstration vehicle

Advanced combustion technology improves fuel economy, lowers emissions

04/02/2014 French, American team finds regolith of small asteroids formed by thermal fatigue

Study shows thermal fatigue, not impacts, responsible for creating asteroid regolith

04/02/2014 New research finds "geologic clock" that helps determine Moon’s age

Researchers find Moon formed nearly 100 million years after start of solar system

03/25/2014 CYGNSS hurricane satellite mission passes major review milestone

Hurricane mission set to begin design and hardware definition

03/25/2014 SwRI awarded an HHS $8.3 million contract extension for continued development of cyanide antidote

SwRI to continue development of nasal-delivery, first-line treatment system to combat cyanide poisoning

03/03/2014 Fresh water may flow just below the surface during Martian summers

Scientists hypothesize mysterious features on Martian slopes may be result of water

02/26/2014 Southwest Research Institute part of winning team for White House initiative on Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing innovation

American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute will be established near Detroit 

02/24/2014 Romo elected chairman of SwRI Board of Directors Lee named vice chairman

SwRI held its 66th annual meeting for advisory trustees and board of directors Monday

02/13/2014 IBEX research shows influence of galactic magnetic field extends well beyond our solar system

Complementary research highlights interactions at the solar system’s boundary and beyond

02/13/2014 SwRI receives Alliance for Work-Life Progress Seal of Distinction

SwRI joins impressive group of organizations receiving the honor