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Press Releases

07/27/2021 SwRI team zeroes in on source of the impactor that wiped out the dinosaurs

Processes that deliver large asteroids to Earth from outer zone of main asteroid belt occur 10 times more often than previously thought

07/26/2021 SwRI scientists help identify water vapor in atmosphere of icy Jupiter moon

Ganymede’s atmospheric composition varies significantly on day, night sides

07/19/2021 SwRI to adapt mass spectrometer for lunar missions

Instrument to identify resources needed for future human exploration

07/14/2021 SwRI develops economic, novel technique supporting pipeline transport of heavy crude oils

EZ Flow™ cost-effectively reduces viscosity in heavy crudes by more than 60%

07/12/2021 SwRI’s Bolton receives NSS Space Pioneer Award

National Space Society recognizes accomplishments in opening the space frontier

07/07/2021 SwRI’s Ferrill elected to GSA Fellowship

Honor recognizes contributions to the geology field

07/06/2021 SwRI selected for landing gear integrity IDIQ contract

Institute to evaluate structural integrity of landing gear under $300 million 20-year IDIQ contract

07/06/2021 SwRI-led team addresses mystery of heavy elements in galactic cosmic rays

MMS data reveal a mechanism for accelerating heavy ion

06/21/2021 SwRI awarded lunar lander investigation contract

Payload will study the deep interior of the far side of the Moon

06/22/2021 SwRI will create searchable additive manufacturing database

Project, supported by $50,000 from America Makes, will utilize novel data management tools

06/14/2021 SwRI forms Joint Industry Program to investigate safety, longevity of grid-connected energy storage systems

JIP will research lifespan of grid-connected batteries as well as causes of battery fires

06/08/2021 See the First Images NASA’s Juno Took as It Sailed by Ganymede

The spacecraft flew closer to Jupiter’s largest moon than any other in more than two decades, offering dramatic glimpses of the icy orb

06/07/2021 SwRI to host Automotive Corrosion Symposium

Event will foster communication among corrosion experts, automotive professionals

06/01/2021 SwRI works to improve atmospheric water harvesting

Researchers seek to create more efficient, cost-effective method

05/24/2021 SwRI-led PUNCH mission passes important milestone

Solar wind imaging satellites one step closer to 2023 launch