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Press Releases

11/20/2015 SwRI’s Ranger localization technology allows precise automated driving

Ranger recognized as one of top 100 inventions of the year

11/17/2015 SwRI wins two 2015 R&D 100 Awards

CAPCOM corrosion modeling, Ranger localization technology among top inventions of the year

11/09/2015 SwRI scientists explain why Moon rocks contain fewer volatiles than Earth’s

New research shows Earth captured volatile-rich materials in final steps of Moon’s formation

10/26/2015 SwRI scientists predict that rocky planets formed from ‘pebbles’

New process explains massive differences between Earth and Mars

10/21/2015 SwRI expands its Heavy Article Test facility

Upgrade accommodates larger, heavier structures

10/20/2015 NASA’s IBEX spacecraft sets “gold standard” for understanding the galactic material surrounding our solar system

Mission opens window on the local interstellar environment, its composition, its properties, and other processes at work

10/19/2015 SwRI to launch 7th clean diesel engine consortium

Kick-off meeting for industry’s longest-running diesel research consortium set for Nov. 5

10/15/2015 Just three months after flyby, New Horizons team publishes first research paper presenting numerous Pluto system findings

Diversity of Pluto’s landforms, atmosphere, and moons highlight the first three months of New Horizons data returns

10/14/2015 Three SwRI automotive engineers win Innovation Award

Award presented at 28th World LPG Forum in Singapore

10/13/2015 SwRI-led study finds that a comet’s tail may shed light on solar wind heating

The turbulence of the solar wind helps explain its variable nature and high temperatures

10/02/2015 SwRI awarded $3 million NASA contract to develop mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

Lucy one of five candidates up for selection under NASA Discovery Program

09/30/2015 SwRI expands microencapsulation capabilities with customized fluid bed coater

New device will increase capacity six-fold

09/18/2015 SwRI, CU partner to boost graduate education, real-world collaboration

Collaboration enables CU graduate students to contribute to SwRI planetary and space science programs

09/17/2015 SwRI receives $3.2 million contract from Energy Department for solar power research

Work will center on improving power generation in concentrating solar power plants

09/02/2015 Southwest Research Institute new pollution abatement system significantly reduces hazardous waste

Custom-designed pollution abatement system reduces emissions, improves efficiency