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Press Releases

08/21/2015 SwRI’s Durda awarded Sagan Medal

Medal to be awarded at November DPS meeting

08/19/2015 SwRI scientists think “planetary pebbles” were the building blocks for the largest planets

Discovery improves solar system formation models

08/12/2015 Lunar crater named for former SwRI Space Scientist David C. Slater

Planetary scientist who developed an instrument for studying sunless areas of lunar craters honored by IAU

08/11/2015 SwRI scientists study nitrogen provision for Pluto’s atmosphere

What resupplies the nitrogen content as its atmosphere is depleted?

08/07/2015 SwRI scientist selected for NASA Antarctic hunt for meteorites

2015-2016 ANSMET campaign kicks off in November

08/04/2015 Southwest Research Institute awarded grant from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to further reduce emissions from fire testing

SwRI only organization to receive a 2015 grant in the new technology category

07/27/2015 Alan Stern invited to testify before U.S. House Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee on Space

Stern to address discoveries, further opportunities of New Horizons mission

07/22/2015 SwRI’s McComas awarded NASA’s Exceptional Public Service Medal

McComas recognized for contributions to NASA Advisory Council

07/15/2015 Multiple Discoveries from New Horizons Pluto Mission

Pluto, Charon photos capture exciting clear images of mountainous terrain

07/14/2015 NASA’S three-billion-mile journey to Pluto reaches historic encounter

First space mission to explore Pluto, New Horizons reaches historic closest encounter

07/09/2015 Southwest Research Institute agreement with Air Force Sustainment Center reduces costs, increases efficiency

Enterprise Partnering Agreement facilitates project flow between Air Force Sustainment Center, SwRI

06/23/2015 SwRI, UTSA invest in two new joint research projects

Biofuels, vaccine projects receive $125,000 awards

06/02/2015 SwRI’s Stern named Honorary Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society; selected to receive Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award

New Horizons Principal Investigator honored for his efforts to explore the Pluto system

06/02/2015 Alice instrument ultraviolet close-up provides a surprising discovery about comet’s atmosphere

SwRI-developed ultraviolet spectrograph is aboard Rosetta, the first spacecraft to study a comet up close

05/27/2015 Two Southwest Research Institute instruments selected for NASA Europa mission

SwRI-led mass spectrometer and ultraviolet spectrograph will investigate Jupiter’s fourth-largest moon