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Press Releases

01/31/2012 IBEX spacecraft measures "alien" particles from outside solar system, reveals interactions in surrounding regions

New IBEX data provide first look at the constituents of the interstellar medium

01/27/2012 SwRI-led RAD measures radiation from solar storm

RAD’s radiation measurements from a recent solar storm provide valuable information for future human space exploration

01/19/2012 SwRI establishes ROS-Industrial Software Repository

ROS-Industrial Software Repository will facilitate cutting-edge research in industrial robotic applications

01/12/2012 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter LAMP reveals lunar surface features

“Fluffy” soils and reddish surface features were unexpected in the moon’s permanently shadowed regions

01/09/2012 SwRI joins international technology innovation alliance in China

Southwest Research Institute joins International Technology Innovation Alliance for Internal Combustion Engine Reliability, organized by Weichai Power Co. Ltd., of China.

12/20/2011 SwRI researchers discover new evidence for complex molecules on Pluto's surface


12/13/2011 Preparing for future human exploration, RAD measures radiation on journey to Mars

RAD is the only instrument scheduled to collect science data on the journey to Mars

11/21/2011 Preparing for future human exploration: measuring the radiation environment on Mars

Scheduled to launch Nov. 26 NASA’s next rover mission to Mars includes the SwRI-built Radiation Assessment Detector

11/11/2011 Suborbital space research and education conference scheduled Feb. 27–29, 2012

Conference to focus on new, low-cost reusable spacecraft

11/10/2011 Giant planet ejected from the solar system

Simulations suggest fifth planet and “Jumping Jupiter” led to formation of current solar system