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Press Releases

10/07/2010 Ground-based images of asteroid Lutetia complement spacecraft flyby

Adaptive optics are shown to be amazingly accurate

10/06/2010 SwRI to launch Preignition Prevention Program (P3) Consortium

Program will study fuel and lubricant interactions to develop methods for suppressing low-speed preignition in engines

09/29/2010 Knot in the ribbon at the edge of the solar system "unties"

Latest IBEX map shows the region at the edge of the solar system changes over relatively short time periods

09/29/2010 SwRI researchers develop novel compression devices for CO2 sequestration

SwRI engineers have developed a high-pressure turbo pump and an enhanced compressor design for sequestration of carbon dioxide emissions

09/24/2010 SwRI-developed test rig successfully tests two-stage compressor under wet gas condition

SwRI designs and builds rig for testing compressor performance under wet gas conditions

09/02/2010 SwRI energetic particle instruments selected for Solar Probe Plus mission

Mission marks first journey into Sun's outer atmosphere

09/01/2010 SwRI to receive $1.2 million to develop advanced anode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Award is part of Batteries for Advanced Transportation Technologies Program

08/18/2010 SwRI’s Fanick named Fellow of American Chemical Society

E. Robert Fanick is one of 192 scientists named to the 2010 class of ACS Fellows

08/17/2010 SwRI's Buckingham earns 2010 ASA Founders Award

Staff Analyst Janet P. Buckingham is one of three recipients of the American Statistical Association's 2010 Founders Award

08/16/2010 IBEX mapping mission yields intriguing new studies about solar system, lively debate among researchers

Science mission now extends into multiple research studies

07/21/2010 Underwater cave-mapping sensor wins technology award

SwRI-developed remote neutrally buoyant sensor that maps caves and underground conduits wins R&D 100 Award

07/02/2010 MAICE Station™ crowd modeling and analysis platform available for licensing

Program offers unique individual and crowd behavior analysis capabilities

06/28/2010 SwRI's HEDGE® technology eliminates low-speed pre-ignition in highly boosted engines

Technology uses cooled EGR and advanced ignition systems to suppress low-speed pre-ignition

06/16/2010 SwRI receives $1.89 million for chemical weapon antidote development

Program will identify small-molecule compounds

06/10/2010 Many famous comets originally formed in other solar systems

The Sun is believed to have captured these bodies from other stars