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Press Releases

01/10/2013 SwRI®-developed Rhodium Docking Capability software enhances virtual screening capabilities for pharmaceutical, biochemical development

Rhodium software expands pharmaceutical research and protein engineering capabilities

01/04/2013 DARPA selects the SwRI K-band space crosslink radio for flight development as part of System F6 Program

System F6 program evaluating “fractionated” spacecraft architecture

12/05/2012 Foundation grant will fund SwRI study of Val Verde County water supply

Southwest Research Institute will perform a technical study of the water supply for Val Verde County through a grant from the Coypu Foundation

11/26/2012 SwRI team reports Cassini finds a video gamer paradise at Saturn

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft spots another “PAC‐MAN®”‐shaped feature, this time on Saturn’s moon Tethys

11/15/2012 NASA Rover providing new weather and radiation data about Mars

RAD monitors high-energy radiation considered to be a health risk to astronauts and a factor in whether microbes could survive on Mars' surface

11/13/2012 SwRI will participate in a U.S. Army program to demonstrate alternative sources for an emergency electrical power grid

$7 million U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contract will demonstrate integration of electric vehicles, generators and solar arrays to supply emergency power. 

10/26/2012 SwRI acquires light-gas gun facility for hypervelocity research

Southwest Research Institute acquires one of the largest impact testing and research facilities in the world. 

10/22/2012 SwRI to build miniature solar observatory for manned suborbital flight

SwRI Solar Instrument Pointing Platform is designed to reduce costs for new solar research instruments

10/17/2012 New model reconciles the Moon Earth-like composition with the giant impact theory of formation

The identical oxygen isotope compositions on the Earth and Moon explained

10/16/2012 Pluto moons and possible rings may be hazards: New Horizons and the gauntlet it may encounter in 2015

Debris orbiting in the Pluto system may create hazards for the New Horizons spacecraft

10/16/2012 SwRI sets low-cost ROS-I consortium membership entry fees

SwRI funds internal research to accelerate ROS-Industrial development and benefit the technical needs of the consortium

10/04/2012 NRC renews contract for SwRI to continue operating CNWRA

CNWRA will continue research and technical support of storage, transportation, reprocessing and disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste

09/07/2012 SwRI engineers investigate "cognitive fingerprints" for bolstering computer passwords

New, biometrics-based authentication tool could boost computer security

08/24/2012 SwRI receives DOE award for lithium-ion battery technology

Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) awards SwRI $712,500 contract to develop breakthrough energy storage technologies

08/22/2012 SwRI receives $5.1 million contract from DARPA to develop library for predicting survivability of military ground vehicles

Researchers to develop C2M2L-2 Context Model Library for DARPA Adaptive Vehicle Make Program