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Press Releases

08/16/2010 IBEX mapping mission yields intriguing new studies about solar system, lively debate among researchers

Science mission now extends into multiple research studies

07/21/2010 Underwater cave-mapping sensor wins technology award

SwRI-developed remote neutrally buoyant sensor that maps caves and underground conduits wins R&D 100 Award

07/02/2010 MAICE Station™ crowd modeling and analysis platform available for licensing

Program offers unique individual and crowd behavior analysis capabilities

06/28/2010 SwRI's HEDGE® technology eliminates low-speed pre-ignition in highly boosted engines

Technology uses cooled EGR and advanced ignition systems to suppress low-speed pre-ignition

06/16/2010 SwRI receives $1.89 million for chemical weapon antidote development

Program will identify small-molecule compounds

06/10/2010 Many famous comets originally formed in other solar systems

The Sun is believed to have captured these bodies from other stars

05/12/2010 Low-profile direction finding antenna set for ground vehicles

SwRI designed antenna locates signals on the move

05/05/2010 SwRI researchers design and build gas bearing test rig

Engineers have developed a 60,000 rpm test rig to evaluate the rotordynamic stability of gas bearings

05/03/2010 SwRI joins Commercial Spaceflight Federation

Initiative aims to build capabilities for placing scientists in suborbital space

04/15/2010 Source of zodiac glow identified

Antarctic micro-meteorites believed to be comet remnants

03/29/2010 SwRI researchers begin Starfighters suborbital space flight training aboard F-104 aircraft

Next phase in the advancement of suborbital research opportunities kicks off

03/29/2010 1980s video icon glows on Saturn moon

Cassini produces best-yet temperature map and images of ice moon Mimas

03/18/2010 New deep water ocean simulator available at SwRI

Simulator can reach pressures of 30,000 psig

02/23/2010 Cassini finds plethora of plumes, hotspots at Enceladus

Spacecraft systems record best 3-D images ever obtained of "tiger stripe"

02/18/2010 SwRI announces pioneering program to fly next-generation suborbital experiments with crew

New initiative first of its kind in the nation