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Press Releases

04/01/2008 SwRI expands international collaboration on autonomous vehicle technology

Collaboration to enhance field of road automation

03/26/2008 Cassini tastes organic material at Saturn's geyser moon

Materials have surprising composition

02/21/2008 SwRI, TMAC offer "Lean Office" course March 10-12

Three day course provides techniques for managers, supervisors and administrators

02/15/2008 SwRI hosts conference on "Export and Licensing Requirements for Space-Based Programs" 2006 Nobel Prize winner Dr. John Mather is keynote speaker

National conference provides comprehensive export control information

02/13/2008 SwRI awarded $15.6 million contract for Newport facility

SwRI will perform laboratory operations at the disposal facility

02/13/2008 Real-time space radiation forecasting in place

SwRI research scientist developed new method for predicting approach, intensity of hazardous particles from solar events

01/11/2008 SwRI earns Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award

SwRI earns Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award SwRI's quality, performance recognized for A-10 Prime Contract 

11/30/2007 NASA approves space mission to unlock the secrets of magnetic reconnection

NASA has stepped up to the challenge of an NRC study by defining a four-spacecraft constellation that will probe known magnetic reconnection sites with the highest-resolution charged particle, electric field and magnetic field measurements yet performed in space.

10/31/2007 SwRI holds fifth clean diesel consortium kick-off meeting

Cooperative research program launches new four-year effort

10/23/2007 New site available at SwRI for evaluating highway safety devices and traffic barriers

Crash test pad offers secure, secluded evaluation area

10/23/2007 New theory proposes Jovian magnetosphere circulates magnetic field remarkably different from that of Earth

Structure and magnetospheric processes at Jupiter may be significantly different

10/17/2007 SwRI's Army fuels and lubricants program celebrates 50 years of service

Institute continues to provide technical support to Army

10/15/2007 CNWRA to continue operations at SwRI

NRC renews contract for $123 million, five years

10/15/2007 SwRI's Dinwiddie receives Rossiter W. Raymond Award, Alfred Noble Prize

SwRI hydrogeologist recognized for paper

10/10/2007 Surprises from the night side of Jupiter

New Horizons takes rare look at Jupiter's night side