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Press Releases

04/24/2012 SwRI scientists assess age of the Titan organic atmosphere

SwRI scientists are studying the organic atmosphere of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon and the only known extraterrestrial body with a hydrologic cycle similar to the Earth’s

04/18/2012 Ward named Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

2012 inductees include winners of Pulitzer and Shaw prizes, Field Medal, and Grammy, Emmy, Academy and Tony awards

03/27/2012 The NASA TWINS and IBEX spacecraft observe impact of powerful solar storm from inside and outside Earth magnetosphere

Simultaneous imaging showed changes to Earth’s outer magnetosphere rippling toward the interior within minutes

04/02/2012 SwRI launches Particle Sensor Performance and Durability consortium

PSPD will investigate performance and durability of particle sensors for onboard diagnostics and diesel engine emission control

03/02/2012 SwRI co-sponsored Next-Generation Suborbital Research Conference a success, breaks records

Attendees from more than 16 countries and 34 sponsors convened at the conference

02/27/2012 NASA lunar scientists shed light on moon impact history

"Lunar cataclysm" may have struck moon at higher speeds than those that made the oldest lunar craters

02/27/2012 Pfeiffer elected chairman of SwRI Board of Directors Romo named vice chairman

Romo named vice chairman

02/27/2012 SwRI and XCOR agree to pioneering research test flight missions

SwRI payload specialist astronauts will be aboard some suborbital test missions of the XCOR Aerospace Lynx Mark I vehicle

02/20/2012 SwRI earns its second Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier Award

SwRI's First STAR Supplier recognition earned in 2008

02/17/2012 Marty named vice president of SwRI Fuels and Lubricants Research Division

Fuels and Lubricants Research serves clients worldwide

01/31/2012 IBEX spacecraft measures "alien" particles from outside solar system, reveals interactions in surrounding regions

New IBEX data provide first look at the constituents of the interstellar medium

01/27/2012 SwRI-led RAD measures radiation from solar storm

RAD’s radiation measurements from a recent solar storm provide valuable information for future human space exploration

01/19/2012 SwRI establishes ROS-Industrial Software Repository

ROS-Industrial Software Repository will facilitate cutting-edge research in industrial robotic applications

01/12/2012 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter LAMP reveals lunar surface features

“Fluffy” soils and reddish surface features were unexpected in the moon’s permanently shadowed regions

01/09/2012 SwRI joins international technology innovation alliance in China

Southwest Research Institute joins International Technology Innovation Alliance for Internal Combustion Engine Reliability, organized by Weichai Power Co. Ltd., of China.