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Press Releases

12/14/2010 IBEX spacecraft makes first-ever images of magnetotail structures, dynamic interactions occurring in the invisible space around Earth

The magnetosphere’s plasma sheet and magnetotail, as well as a possible plasmoid, are seen for the first time

12/12/2010 Demise of large satellite may have led to the formation of Saturn’s rings and inner moons

Tidal forces are theorized to have stripped icy layers from the satellite, leaving the rocky core to collide with the planet

12/09/2010 The end of planet formation, as told by trace elements from the mantles of Earth, the Moon and Mars

Elements found in the mantles of Earth, the Moon and Mars believed delivered by massive impactors more than 4.5 billion years ago

12/03/2010 SwRI researchers continue Starfighters suborbital space flight training aboard F-104 aircraft

Effort aimed at conducting in-space experiments using next-generation suborbital vehicles

12/02/2010 SwRI's Burch awarded AGU John Adam Fleming Medal

Dr. James L. Burch recognized for research, leadership in space sciences

12/01/2010 SwRI's McComas named Fellow of the American Physical Society

Dr. David J. McComas recognized for his pioneering discoveries, significant contributions to space research 

11/30/2010 Cassini finds warm cracks on Enceladus

New maps show hottest regions of so-called "tiger stripes"

11/30/2010 Korbell re-elected chairman of SwRI Board of Directors

Pfeiffer will continue to serve as vice chairman

11/26/2010 Cassini Finds Ethereal Atmosphere at Rhea

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected a very tenuous atmosphere infused with oxygen and carbon dioxide around Saturn’s icy moon Rhea

10/21/2010 LRO's LAMP ultraviolet spectrograph observes LCROSS blast, detects surprising gases in impact plume

Findings show mercury and other volatiles could pose challenges to future human exploration

10/21/2010 SwRI's Janssens named Fellow of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Dr. Marc Janssens recognized for his leadership, research and innovation in fire protection engineering

10/08/2010 Suborbital research conference registration opens

NSRC will alert and educate about the many new opportunities offered by a new wave of human suborbital vehicles

10/07/2010 Ground-based images of asteroid Lutetia complement spacecraft flyby

Adaptive optics are shown to be amazingly accurate

10/06/2010 SwRI to launch Preignition Prevention Program (P3) Consortium

Program will study fuel and lubricant interactions to develop methods for suppressing low-speed preignition in engines

09/29/2010 Knot in the ribbon at the edge of the solar system "unties"

Latest IBEX map shows the region at the edge of the solar system changes over relatively short time periods