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Press Releases

06/24/2014 SwRI and UTSA researchers to advance clean emissions, explore novel antimicrobials

Two new joint research projects each awarded one year, $125,000 funding

06/23/2014 Titan’s building blocks might pre-date Saturn

The icy atmosphere of this Earth-like moon could provide more information about Titan’s origin

06/18/2014 SwRI-led CubeSat mission selected by NASA to study solar particles and space weather

CuSPP nanosatellite also will support space weather research

06/12/2014 SwRI® to develop New England Advanced Transportation Management System

New highway information infrastructure system to be developed in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine

06/10/2014 Rosetta-Alice spectrograph to begin first-ever close up ultraviolet studies of comet surface and atmosphere

Alice set to analyze comet’s atmosphere, map its surface and study dust particle properties.

06/03/2014 SwRI announces collaboration with OSRF to advance industrial robotics

SwRI and OSRF enter cooperative agreement to support manufacturing automation and industrial robotics.

05/14/2014 SwRI’s McComas to receive 2014 COSPAR Space Science Award

Award to be conferred August 4 in Moscow

05/13/2014 SwRI® to launch catalyst and emission control technologies consortium

Four-year consortium to evaluate engine emissions and catalyst technologies

04/24/2014 J. Dan Bates, Southwest Research Institute President, Announces Retirement at End of Fiscal Year

Board names Adam Hamilton Successor

04/24/2014 SwRI® launches new automotive consortium focusing on fuels and lubricants

Consortium to study fuel and lubricant chemistry and its effects on engine combustion

04/08/2014 SwRI® debuts Dedicated EGR® demonstration vehicle

Advanced combustion technology improves fuel economy, lowers emissions

04/02/2014 French, American team finds regolith of small asteroids formed by thermal fatigue

Study shows thermal fatigue, not impacts, responsible for creating asteroid regolith

04/02/2014 New research finds "geologic clock" that helps determine Moon’s age

Researchers find Moon formed nearly 100 million years after start of solar system

03/25/2014 CYGNSS hurricane satellite mission passes major review milestone

Hurricane mission set to begin design and hardware definition

03/25/2014 SwRI awarded an HHS $8.3 million contract extension for continued development of cyanide antidote

SwRI to continue development of nasal-delivery, first-line treatment system to combat cyanide poisoning