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Press Releases

09/19/2013 CYGNSS hurricane satellite mission passes key review milestone

NASA mission to advance hurricane forecasting and tracking methods

09/09/2013 SwRI deploys novel vehicle-to-grid aggregation system

SwRI has deployed the first SAE-compliant electric vehicle aggregation system that provides bidirectional power using direct current fast charging technology

09/05/2013 SwRI study suggests debris flows on frozen arctic sand dunes are similar to dark dune spot-seepage flows on Mars

Snow or frost can melt to form debris flows on sunward-facing slopes of sand dunes in the Alaskan arctic at air temperatures colder than the melting point of water.

09/05/2013 IBEX spacecraft measures changes in the direction of interstellar winds buffeting our solar system

Turbulence in the interstellar cloud may be affecting wind direction

08/28/2013 Breslof receives SRA International Hartford-Nicholsen Award

Award to bestowed at 2013 SRA International Annual Meeting held Oct. 26–30 in New Orleans

08/23/2013 DARPA selects Southwest Research Institute to support DARPA Robotics Challenge

SwRI to develop and support the test apparatuses used to evaluate competitors

08/13/2013 SwRI researchers found local chapter of Engineers Without Borders

Southwest Research Institute engineers have established Engineers Without Borders – Alamo Professional Chapter.

07/15/2013 SwRI receives $1.5 million for thin-film deposition technology development

Staff to investigate thin-film deposition at the molecular component level

07/10/2013 IBEX spacecraft images the heliotail — the last region of the solar system boundary to be seen — revealing an unexpected structure

Heliotail may be oval in shape rather than circular, as previously believed

07/03/2013 New insights concerning the early bombardment history on Mercury

The surface of Mercury is rather different from those of well-known rocky bodies like the Moon and Mars.

07/01/2013 Southwest Research Institute recognized for developing connected commercial vehicle technology

ITS New York recognized CVII team for advancing national connected vehicle technology

06/12/2013 Moon Radiation Findings May Reduce Health Risks to Astronauts

Plastics may prove more effective than aluminum at shielding astronauts from radiation

06/06/2013 Southwest Research Institute receives Department of Defense honor

For third time, Institute receives security acheivement

05/30/2013 SwRI-led team calculates the radiation exposure associated with a trip to Mars

SwRI-led team calculates the radiation exposure associated with a trip to Mars

04/30/2013 McComas to chair the NASA Advisory Council Science Committee

Science Committee to focus on Earth and space science-related programs, projects, activities and facilities