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Press Releases

03/24/2009 UTSA, SwRI Partner to Join Elite National Research Roundtables

GUIRR provides platform for science and technology leaders to discuss national, international scientific matters

03/20/2009 Joint ESA/NASA mission to use SPICE to explore the center of the Solar System

SPICE will remotely measure plasma properties at or near the Sun

03/07/2009 Innovative avionics enable search for habitable planets

SwRI system will help guide Kepler spacecraft

03/05/2009 New space show highlights IBEX spacecraft's mission of discovery

Adler Planetarium in Chicago premieres film showcasing NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer mission

02/02/2009 Brunner receives SAE's Forest R. McFarland Award

Award given for outstanding contributions to the SAE Engineering Meetings Board

01/16/2009 SwRI launches second heavy-duty gasoline engine consortium

Four-year effort will expand earlier efforts to improve gasoline engine technology

01/13/2009 IBEX collecting science data, building first all-sky map of the edge of the solar system

IBEX will enable researchers to examine the structures and dynamics of the outer heliosphere

01/13/2009 SwRI-led Center for Lunar Origin and Evolution selected to be part of NASA Lunar Science Institute

CLOE will help build fundamental knowledge of the history of the Moon

11/24/2008 SwRI's Holt elected president of ASME

SwRI VP will serve one-year term 

11/19/2008 SwRI aerospace division earns ISO 9001:2000 certification

Aerospace Electronics and Information Technology Division achieves quality standards

11/19/2008 SwRI's Khair named Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers

Institute engineer honored for leadership, research and innovation

11/13/2008 Fully autonomous, driverless vehicles to be demonstrated at ITS World Congress

SwRI is coordinating, participating in the autonomous vehicle demonstrations

11/13/2008 SwRI plays significant role in 15th World Congress on ITS

Participation includes demonstrations, technical presentations, student essay contest sponsorship

11/13/2008 SwRI supports vehicle infrastructure integration demonstration at ITS World Congress

Vehicle Infrastructure Integration test bed to demo next-generation ITS technology

11/13/2008 SwRI, INRIA to demonstrate a cooperative vehicle-to-vehicle pedestrian safety system at ITS World Congress

Vehicle-to-vehicle communications, active safety system sensors can provide greater traffic awareness