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Press Releases

10/02/2019 NASA’s Juno Prepares to Jump Jupiter’s Shadow

10-hour propulsion maneuver executed to avoid eclipse

10/01/2019 SwRI scientist part of team characterizing near Earth objects

NASA studying population to understand impact risks, potential exploration

09/30/2019 SwRI team designs two-dimensional radar reflector to measure subtle ground movement

Technology now available to support infrastructure monitoring, climate, military applications

09/26/2019 SwRI-led PUNCH mission to image Sun’s outer corona enters Phase B

PUNCH team begins work on preliminary flight design for 2023 mission

09/24/2019 SwRI hypersonic research spotlights future flight challenges

Researchers test objects flying at faster than 10 times the speed of sound

09/18/2019 New SwRI study argues that Saturn’s rings are actually not young

Research of Cassini data suggests icy rings are as old as the solar system itself

09/17/2019 Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center at SwRI offers cybersecurity support to federal contractors

Compliance services meet NIST SP 800-171 standard for deterrent, manufacturing applications

09/16/2019 SwRI offers introductory microencapsulation workshop

Two-day course to highlight common, emerging techniques

09/10/2019 DOD selects SwRI-led program to support military units

Integrated system prototype will rapidly deliver tactical satellite data

08/26/2019 SwRI’s Herron to receive a National Safety Council Award

SwRI safety engineer to receive Rising Stars of Safety award in September

08/19/2019 SwRI scientists co-author Edwards Aquifer memoir

New book provides compilation of research to guide aquifer management 

08/12/2019 SwRI receives $3 million in DOE funding for oxy-fuel combustion pilot plant project

Power generation process captures almost all potentially harmful CO2 emissions

08/06/2019 Two SwRI concepts advance to next stage of NREL energy storage competition

Contest showcases load-balancing pumped storage hydropower concepts

08/05/2019 SwRI’s George Wilson receives ASTM’s highest individual award

Award of Merit recognizes distinguished service by individuals to society

07/30/2019 SwRI adds unique, efficient engine wear testing rig

New tribology device designed by SwRI engineers to investigate wear mechanisms