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Press Releases

11/12/2008 IBEX spacecraft reaches orbit, begins instrument commissioning

Science observations will begin in early December

09/23/2008 Ulysses observations reveal Sun is blowing surprisingly weaker solar wind

Solar wind is only about three fourths as strong as it was a decade ago

08/01/2008 SwRI offers new configurable lab facility to support technology transfers and production services

Entire lab can be reconfigured for project needs in less than 30 minutes

07/25/2008 IBEX spacecraft heads west, takes major step toward launch

Spacecraft will reveal fascinating new details about the region separating our solar system from interstellar space

07/15/2008 SwRI wins R&D 100 Award for radioactive element migration simulation software

R&D Magazine selected Southwest Research Institute’s TDRW (Time Domain Random Walk) software as one of the 100 most significant technological achievements of the past year. This marks SwRI’s 33rd R&D 100 award.

07/14/2008 Burch awarded COSPAR's inaugural Jeoujang Jaw award

Dr. James L. Burch recognized for space research work

06/24/2008 SwRI receives $1.3 million grant for chemical weapon antidote development

Antidote formulations will use intramuscular injection

05/21/2008 SwRI initiates diesel emissions accelerated aging cycle consortium

Cooperative research program begins in June

05/09/2008 SwRI's Redfield named IEEE Region V Member of the Year

Joe Redfield selected from field of more than 55,000 members

04/25/2008 SwRI earns state VFW Employer of the Year Award

SwRI recognized for outstanding policies, practices with veterans

04/15/2008 SwRI benchmarking program evaluates four 2007 model year diesel engines

Program saves manufacturers time, money in evaluations

04/08/2008 SwRI software group earns Level 5 Capability Maturity Model Integration rating

Model Integration rating Level 5 marks highest rating for systems, software process improvement

04/02/2008 SwRI's Young named Fellow of American Geophysical Union

Dr. David T. Young recognized for his innovative work in space sciences

04/01/2008 SwRI expands international collaboration on autonomous vehicle technology

Collaboration to enhance field of road automation

03/26/2008 Cassini tastes organic material at Saturn's geyser moon

Materials have surprising composition