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Press Releases

07/03/2012 Green named Fellow of the Geological Society of America

Green is one of 78 GSA professional members elected to Fellowship for 2012

06/26/2012 SwRI Hybrid Ceramic-Sand Core Casting Technology wins R&D 100 Award

New technology enables production of heavy-duty diesel engines with higher peak cylinder pressure capability

06/21/2012 SwRI building eight NASA microsatellites to help predict extreme weather events on Earth

Constellation of satellites will observe hurricanes as they form and intensify

05/10/2012 Asteroid collision that spawned Vesta asteroid family occurred more recently than originally thought

Images from the Dawn spacecraft indicate that a collision that created the impact crater Rheasilvia on Asteroid (4) Vesta occurred more recently than was previously thought.

05/10/2012 New IBEX data show the heliosphere long-theorized bow shock does not exist

New data requires decades of research that included a bow shock to be re-examined.

05/10/2012 Unseen planet revealed by its gravity

Scientists combined new Kepler Telescope data with an established theory to predict that an unseen second planet about the mass of Saturn is orbiting the distant star KOI-872.

05/04/2012 Canup elected member of National Academy of Sciences

NAS membership one of the highest honors awarded to U.S. scientists or engineers

04/25/2012 Splatters of molten rock signal period of intense asteroid impacts on Earth, raise questions about the source of impactors

Rock layers on Earth may hold the “fingerprints” of asteroid mega-impacts dating back to the Archean era, a formative time for early life.

04/24/2012 SwRI scientists assess age of the Titan organic atmosphere

SwRI scientists are studying the organic atmosphere of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon and the only known extraterrestrial body with a hydrologic cycle similar to the Earth’s

04/18/2012 Ward named Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

2012 inductees include winners of Pulitzer and Shaw prizes, Field Medal, and Grammy, Emmy, Academy and Tony awards

03/27/2012 The NASA TWINS and IBEX spacecraft observe impact of powerful solar storm from inside and outside Earth magnetosphere

Simultaneous imaging showed changes to Earth’s outer magnetosphere rippling toward the interior within minutes

04/02/2012 SwRI launches Particle Sensor Performance and Durability consortium

PSPD will investigate performance and durability of particle sensors for onboard diagnostics and diesel engine emission control

03/02/2012 SwRI co-sponsored Next-Generation Suborbital Research Conference a success, breaks records

Attendees from more than 16 countries and 34 sponsors convened at the conference

02/27/2012 NASA lunar scientists shed light on moon impact history

"Lunar cataclysm" may have struck moon at higher speeds than those that made the oldest lunar craters

02/27/2012 Pfeiffer elected chairman of SwRI Board of Directors Romo named vice chairman

Romo named vice chairman