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Press Releases

08/18/2011 New images reveal never-before-seen structures of the solar wind as it travels toward and impacts Earth

Images show an array of dynamic interactions as solar wind moves across the solar system

07/29/2011 Juno spacecraft to Jupiter prepares to launch

New NASA mission to answer fundamental questions about the gas giant

07/25/2011 SwRI suborbital astronaut payload specialists move to flight planning phase, release mission patch

SwRI suborbital payload specialists beginning flight planning phase of their first spaceflights

06/22/2011 SwRI's DCO™ Ignition System tapped for R&D 100 Award

A novel ignition system for gasoline engines that creates a continuous spark of variable energy and duration has received a 2011 R&D 100 Award.

06/21/2011 Southwest Research Institute space-based wireless communications platform selected for DARPA System F6 Program

Fractionated architecture to provide robust and reconfigurable alternatives to traditional spacecraft designs

06/05/2011 New solar system formation models indicate that Jupiter's foray robbed Mars of mass

Simulations show Mars was starved of formation materials

06/03/2011 SwRI to participate in World IPv6 Day

SwRI will join in World IPv6 Day on June 8 as a field test to ensure a successful transition to the new Internet Protocol as IPv4 addresses run out

06/02/2011 UTSA, Southwest Research Institute to collaborate on biomedical research

Project will focus on establishing the efficacy of new scaffolds for tendon/ligament repair and regeneration

05/23/2011 Ward to receive Kuiper Prize in planetary sciences

Distinction honors lifetime of advancing researchers' understanding of planetary systems

05/17/2011 NASA selects SwRI mass spectrometer for technology development funding, possible future planetary mission

Spectrometer extends the resolution and sensitivity of similar instruments by one to two orders of magnitude

05/10/2011 Southwest Research Institute inks agreements with Beijing BSS Corrosion Protection Co. Ltd

BSS will represent SwRI's interest in products and services related to sensor systems, NDE, surface engineering, coatings and corrosion 

04/26/2011 SwRI-developed training program for dealing with behavioral problems is available for home computers

Software program provides interactive training for dealing with behavior challenges in children

04/26/2011 SwRI to launch Energy Storage System Evaluation and Safety (EssEs) Consortium

ESSES consortium designed to provide transparency in the automotive battery market to advance global development of energy storage systems

04/21/2011 NASA spacecraft reveals dramatic changes in Mars' atmosphere

Researchers discover dry ice deposit at planet's south pole

03/24/2011 SwRI wins Swiss government accreditation to evaluate diesel engine exhaust filters under world's strictest standards for particulate emissions

Swiss Federal Office for the Environment accredited SwRI to evaluate engine exhaust filters sold in Switzerland