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Press Releases

03/18/2010 New deep water ocean simulator available at SwRI

Simulator can reach pressures of 30,000 psig

02/23/2010 Cassini finds plethora of plumes, hotspots at Enceladus

Spacecraft systems record best 3-D images ever obtained of "tiger stripe"

02/18/2010 SwRI announces pioneering program to fly next-generation suborbital experiments with crew

New initiative first of its kind in the nation

01/27/2010 SwRI's Light receives ASNT Research Award for Sustained Excellence

Dr. Glenn Light recognized by American Society for Nondestructive Testing

01/25/2010 SwRI models traffic behavior associated with mass evacuation of urban areas

Smartphone apps may offer solution

01/24/2010 SwRI researchers offer explanation for the differences between Ganymede and Callisto

Models show large impact events played a significant role in the moons' formation

01/15/2010 Korbell named chairman of SwRI Board of Directors

Pfeiffer will serve as vice chairman

01/14/2010 NASA's Rosetta "Alice" spectrometer reveals Earth's ultraviolet fingerprint in Earth flyby

Spacecraft on course to meet cometary target in 2014

01/04/2010 Researchers to begin first NASTAR suborbital spaceflight training course

Course will qualify students for the physiological rigors of suborbital human spaceflight

12/11/2009 Southwest Research Institute's integrated avionics control NASA's WISE spacecraft

WISE will use infrared light to scan the sky using sensitivity hundreds of times greater than ever before

12/10/2009 Cassini closes in on the centuries-old mystery of Saturn's moon Iapetus

Analyses suggest migrating ice, dust may explain unusual appearance

11/02/2009 San Antonio Water System joins Energy Research Alliance of San Antonio

Alliance promotes conventional, alternative and renewable energy solutions

10/23/2009 Conference outlines suborbital research opportunities

Atmospheric science, astrophysics, solar physics and other space science topics to be discussed

10/15/2009 First IBEX maps reveal fascinating interactions occurring at the edge of the solar system

Global view of the interstellar boundary builds on point measurements provided by Voyager spacecraft

10/08/2009 WorldView-2 satellite features key processing electronics from SwRI

CTIF builds on SwRI's record of more than 50 mission systems with no on-orbit failures