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Press Releases

10/23/2007 New theory proposes Jovian magnetosphere circulates magnetic field remarkably different from that of Earth

Structure and magnetospheric processes at Jupiter may be significantly different

10/17/2007 SwRI's Army fuels and lubricants program celebrates 50 years of service

Institute continues to provide technical support to Army

10/15/2007 CNWRA to continue operations at SwRI

NRC renews contract for $123 million, five years

10/15/2007 SwRI's Dinwiddie receives Rossiter W. Raymond Award, Alfred Noble Prize

SwRI hydrogeologist recognized for paper

10/10/2007 Surprises from the night side of Jupiter

New Horizons takes rare look at Jupiter's night side

10/09/2007 New Horizons' SWAP instrument reveals complex structure, diverse plasma populations in Jupiter's magnetotail

New data collected during Jupiter flyby

10/09/2007 New Horizons' Alice UV spectrograph observes Io's atmosphere change in response to eclipse events

Results to appear in Oct. 12 issue of Science

09/13/2007 SwRI signs international autonomous vehicle collaborative agreement

Collaboration with INRIA of France will advance autonomous vehicle

09/06/2007 New research reveals a large asteroid breakup to be the likely source of the impactor that caused a mass extinction event on Earth 65 million years ago

Breakup event in the main asteroid belt likely caused dinosaur extinction

08/30/2007 Scientists Find Elusive Waves in Sun's Corona; Discovery Can Help Unlock Secrets of Corona's Heat, Solar Storms

Discovery may provide insight into how Sun affects Earth, solar system