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Press Releases

03/19/2007 SwRI's Fritz named ASME Fellow

SwRI manager of the Medium Speed Diesel Engine Section was cited for diesel locomotive exhaust emissions characterization and control strategies work

03/01/2007 Underwater probe to explore Earth and possibly Jupiter's moon

SwRI scientists are part of a NASA-funded team developing DEPTHX, an autonomous underwater probe

02/15/2007 New chief marketing representative for SwRI liaison office in Beijing

Robert W. Burrahm begins three-year assignment as chief representative for SwRI in Beijing

02/07/2007 New Horizons' SWAP instrument observes solar wind interactions before Jupiter encounter, prepares for revealing science mission

New data may answer some questions about solar wind and Jupiter’s magnetosphere 

01/22/2007 Silvus awarded EDFAS' inaugural Lifetime Achievement Recognition

SwRI engineer first society member to receive honor

01/10/2007 SwRI proposal for Mars Scout orbiter mission selected for study by NASA

The Great Escape is one of two finalists

07/19/2006 SwRI wins R&D 100 Award for MsS® Heat Exchanger Probe

A device that uses guided wave technology to inspect heat exchanger tubes has received a 2006 R&D 100 Award.

08/23/2004 SwRI wins R&D 100 Award for vehicle simulation software

A software program that allows engineers to model and simulate vehicle powertrains has received a 2004 R&D 100 award.

08/23/2004 SwRI wins award for 3-D measurement tool

Engineers at have earned national recognition for inventing a system that provides precise, three-dimensional measurement of surfaces without contacting the object being measured. 

11/19/2002 SwRI develops vehicle component simulation equipment

Engineers at have developed a test apparatus capable of simulating vehicle powertrain operations in the laboratory.