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Press Releases

07/26/2007 SwRI to publish second hydrogen technology information report

New report focuses on potential for large-scale production of liquid automotive fuels and blend components

07/19/2007 SwRI benchmarking program evaluates four 2007 model year diesel engines

Manufacturers strive to meet EPA emissions regulations

07/19/2007 Southwest Research Institute expands FOCAS® technologies for automotive exhaust catalyst aging

FOCAS technology includes a FOCAS Hot Gas Test Rig

07/09/2007 SwRI's Simpkins earns Health Physics Society Award

HPS recognizes Simpkins' contributions to environmental health physics

06/27/2007 SwRI opens Minnesota computational mechanics office

New capabilities complement services offered by SwRI's Engineering Dynamics Department

06/13/2007 Cassini finds Saturn moons are active

Research by SwRI scientists has revealed possible geologic activity on the ice worlds Tethys and Dione

05/25/2007 New method helps safeguard astronauts by forecasting space radiation hazards with up to one hour advance warnings

SwRI scientist’s research led to new method

05/18/2007 SwRI's Ryan nominated for 2008 SAE International President

Dr. Thomas W. Ryan III will begin term in January 2008

05/17/2007 SwRI, Institute of Metal Research sign alliance agreement

Joint venture will collaborate in the development and application of materials science and engineering to industrial problems

05/10/2007 Cassini spacecraft reveals evidence of tholin formation at high altitudes in Titan's atmosphere

SwRI scientists and collaborators report results in May 11 issue of Science