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Press Releases

05/24/2021 SwRI-led PUNCH mission passes important milestone

Solar wind imaging satellites one step closer to 2025 launch

05/10/2021 SwRI’s Kroll receives SAE’s Forest R. McFarland Award

Honor recognizes contributions to SAE engineering events

05/04/2021 SwRI’s Fuselier elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Honor recognizes 35 years of contributions to space research

04/27/2021 SwRI-led PUNCH mission launches associate investigator program

NASA mission will study how Sun’s corona transitions into the solar wind

04/19/2021 SwRI receives FAA grant to assess fracture risk in aircraft engines

Project is a continuation of 25-year program to lower probability of engine failure

04/14/2021 SwRI launches consortium on advanced fluids for electrified vehicles

Joint industry program to examine, advance e-fluid development

04/07/2021 SwRI launches Markerless Motion Capture Joint Industry Project for biomechanics research

M2CJ will leverage BIOCAP™ 3D biomechanical motion capture system for precompetitive research

04/06/2021 SwRI’s 100-kg small satellite platform added to NASA’s RDSO catalog

SwSP-100 now available through the $6 billion Rapid Spacecraft Acquisition IV contract

04/05/2021 SwRI receives up to $99 million to sustain aging Air Force aircraft

Contract will cover structural analysis, testing, airworthiness and sustainment services.

03/31/2021 SwRI researchers part of two collaborative teams awarded SAMF grants

Awards totaling $400,000 to fund cancer detection AI, COVID-19 drug research

03/30/2021 SwRI to develop AI-based integrated corridor management traffic solutions for Tennessee DOT

Software will use machine learning to optimize performance of regional transportation corridors

03/29/2021 SwRI scientists discover a new auroral feature on Jupiter

UVS images faint auroral rings that likely originate at edge of gas giant’s magnetosphere

03/18/2021 SwRI scientists help identify the first stratospheric winds measured on Jupiter

Jovian jet streams above the cloud tops measured using the aftermath of comet collision

03/17/2021 SwRI develops new model, controller to optimize fast charging of electric vehicles

Technique averts potentially damaging “lithium plating,” accelerates recharge by 35%

03/16/2021 SwRI researcher theorizes worlds with underground oceans may be more conducive to life than worlds with surface oceans like Earth

Layers of ice and rock obviate the need for “habitable zone” and shield life against threats