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Press Releases

03/24/2020 SwRI receives $9.9 million to develop nerve agent antidote

New formulation designed for emergency treatment

03/09/2020 SwRI supports commercial satellite servicing

Avionics for critical systems support first Mission Extension Vehicle, satellite docking

03/03/2020 SwRI hosts ROS-Industrial Americas Consortium Annual Meeting

San Antonio gathering to discuss industrial applications for open-source robot operating system

03/03/2020 SwRI fire study reveals how country, code variations impact escape time

Study finds flashover times vary

02/27/2020 Next-gen suborbital space research and education conference to be held March 2-4

NASA Administrator Bridenstine to keynote conference

02/25/2020 SwRI delivers ultraviolet instrument for ESA’s Jupiter mission

Scientists will use UVS to study the structure, composition of the atmospheres of Jupiter and its moons

02/24/2020 SwRI’s motion prediction algorithms enhance safety features for automated vehicles

Machine vision system predicts pedestrian movements with convolutional neural network

02/19/2020 SwRI’s virtual screening software Rhodium increases processing power for coronavirus research

Novel processing, machine learning improves compound scanning capacity for drug development

02/17/2020 SwRI announces banner financial year at annual meeting

Alexander, Dawson elected Board of Directors chair, vice chair

02/12/2020 SwRI models hint at longer timescale for Mars formation

Simulations of early impacts produce a mixed Mars mantle

02/10/2020 SwRI leads $18 million DOD project to develop tularemia “rabbit fever” vaccine for military

SwRI collaborating with UTSA, Lovelace on drug development for intradermal delivery

02/05/2020 EPA awards SwRI $25 million contract for emissions testing, analytical services

SwRI to develop emissions procedures, equipment for variety of propulsion systems

02/04/2020 San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics awards inaugural research funding

Research team awarded $200,000 to develop treatment for multi-organ failure due to sepsis

02/04/2020 SwRI, SMU fund SPARKS program to explore collaborative research

Inaugural projects will apply machine learning to industry problems

02/03/2020 SwRI-led team identifies low-energy solar particles from beyond Earth in the near-Sun environment

Particles are smoking gun for solar wind interactions beyond Earth orbit