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Press Releases

01/25/2021 SwRI projects receive $950,000 in funding from U.S. Department of Energy

Research includes energy storage projects that integrate pumped heat, hydrogen and liquid air technology

01/13/2021 NASA extends Juno mission to Jupiter

Extended mission expanded to explore Jovian rings, moons

01/05/2021 Mass spectrometer enhances SwRI’s automotive catalyst testing

Instrument detects emissions invisible to other equipment in real time

12/21/2020 SwRI-led team finds meteoric evidence for a previously unknown asteroid

Mineralogy points to large, water-rich parent asteroid for carbonaceous chondrite meteorite

12/16/2020 SwRI developing biomechanics AI system to help train military medical personnel

Integrating markerless motion capture with machine learning to assess performance of medical trainees

12/16/2020 SwRI models point to a potentially diverse metabolic menu at Enceladus

Discovery provides more evidence that the Saturn moon could support life in its subsurface ocean

12/15/2020 SwRI receives $4.5 million contract to create computer models for protective structures under shock and impact

Researchers will create computer models based on sophisticated material tests that provide insight on nanosecond-scale events

12/14/2020 SwRI receives $4 million contract to maintain supersonic training aircraft

Institute engineers continue to maintain integrity of T-38 Talon

11/17/2020 SwRI receives $7.2 million contract to test AI in air taxi design project

SwRI to create components that will evaluate design capabilities of artificial intelligence-based system

11/16/2020 SwRI scientists expand space instrument’s capabilities

Researchers add second dating technique to prototype spaceflight instrument

11/10/2020 SwRI scientist studies tiny craters on Bennu boulders to understand asteroid’s age

Scientists inferred Bennu’s sojourn in the inner Solar System at 1.75 million years

11/09/2020 NASA deems SwRI-developed satellites healthy, extends CYGNSS mission

Hurricane wind monitoring mission will continue through 2023

11/09/2020 SwRI hacks electric vehicle charging to demonstrate cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Project disrupted EV charging process by simulating man-in-the-middle attack

10/27/2020 SwRI awarded $12 million U.S. Air Force contract for B-1B system redesign

Update supports aircraft’s service life extension through 2040

10/26/2020 SwRI study offers more complete view of massive asteroid Psyche

Researcher made first observations of asteroid at mid-ultraviolet wavelengths