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Press Releases

01/20/2020 SwRI acquires new flow loop for testing, methane emissions reduction project

Flow loop realistically recreates gas pipeline conditions to test for methane leaks

01/09/2020 SwRI-led Lucy mission now has a new destination

NASA spacecraft will explore a record eight objects

12/11/2019 SwRI tests fuel delivery device on Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle

NASA funding supports design to eliminate harmful vapor bubbles in spacecraft fuel tanks

12/09/2019 SwRI wins two R&D 100 Awards

Superhydrophobic coating, direction-finding antenna honored for innovation

12/02/2019 SwRI-built instrument confirms solar wind slows farther away from the Sun

Research could help predict when New Horizons spacecraft will cross the termination shock

11/26/2019 SwRI President, CEO Adam Hamilton named AAAS Fellow

Honorees recognized for distinguished efforts to advance science

11/25/2019 New Horizons team, Mission Principal Investigator Stern receive Sir Arthur Clarke Award

Award recognizes international space achievement for New Horizons’ exploration of Pluto and Kuiper Belt object Arrokoth

11/19/2019 SwRI-developed direction-finding antenna wins 2019 R&D 100 Award

AF-369 VHF/UHF terrestrial antenna boosts sensitivity and accuracy, reduces cost

11/19/2019 SwRI develops superhydrophobic coating for offshore drilling pipes

Technology recognized as one of 100 most significant innovations of 2019

11/18/2019 SwRI Technology Today Podcast celebrates first anniversary

Podcast team commemorating milestone with highlights episode, new segments

11/12/2019 SwRI’s new Low-Load Cycle targets heavy-duty diesel engine emissions

Test developed for the state of California could decrease environmental pollutants

11/07/2019 SwRI demonstrates balloon-based solar observatory

Low-cost option breaks down barriers to solar research

10/31/2019 SwRI, CSF announce suborbital space researchers, educators conference

March 2020 conference to focus on suborbital space flights

10/30/2019 SwRI’s Sees honored with AOC lifetime service award

Award recognizes distinguished service to Association of Old Crows

10/30/2019 SwRI to plan Pluto orbiter mission

NASA funds SwRI to lead a decadal survey study