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Press Releases

10/06/2020 SwRI achieves 20% improvement in vehicle fuel efficiency with connectivity, automation

ARPA-E’s NEXTCAR program sets the stage for innovative enabling technologies

09/30/2020 SwRI’s Waite to present AGU Shoemaker Lecture

Invited talk will cover the chemistry and formation of Saturn, its moons

09/29/2020 SwRI releases major updates to Numerical Propulsion System Simulation (NPSS) software

NPSS models rockets, jet engines, turbomachinery, other technologies

09/29/2020 SwRI adds drone-based photogrammetry to geologic research services

Digital techniques analyze surface outcrops to predict hydrocarbon reservoirs, aquifers below ground

09/28/2020 SwRI study describes discovery of close binary trans-Neptunian object

Scientists utilized citizen science network to observe the object

09/22/2020 SwRI’s ECTO-Lab expands, supports EPA Cleaner Trucks Initiative

New bench systems improve accelerated aging of emissions control systems

09/21/2020 SwRI instruments aboard Rosetta help detect unexpected ultraviolet aurora at a comet

ESA’s Rosetta mission discovers unique aurora at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

09/17/2020 SwRI seeking contractors worldwide to support oil sampling program

Selected individuals receive a premium for each prequalified sample shipped/received

09/16/2020 SwRI scientist searches for stellar phosphorus to find potentially habitable exoplanets

Stellar chemical compositions used as proxy for potentially habitable systems

09/09/2020 SwRI-led study indicates sand-sized meteoroids are peppering asteroid Bennu

Research uses data from NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission

09/02/2020 SwRI awarded NASA contract to develop high-latitude mission to image the Sun’s poles

SwRI also contributing to two additional mission concept design studies

08/28/2020 SwRI-led first-ever mission to the Trojan asteroids passes NASA milestone

Lucy mission gains approval for final development stage

08/11/2020 NASA selects SwRI to participate in $6 billion Rapid Spacecraft Acquisition IV contract

SwRI’s award-winning CYGNSS platform added to NASA’s RSDO catalog

08/10/2020 SwRI receives $1 million Air Force contract to sustain aging aircraft

Project allows for follow-on work involving tracking fatigue cracks, improving inspection methods

08/05/2020 SwRI-led Juno mission discovers shallow lightning, mushballs on Jupiter

Discovery sheds light on Jupiter’s “missing” ammonia