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Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles Symposium

The Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles Symposium is an industrial workshop organized to advance supercritical Carbon Dioxide (sCO2) power cycles technology. Researchers, industry partners, and end users meet to learn about advancements in the field, discuss priorities, and establish a critical path for technology development.

The objectives of the meeting are to share the status of world developments, discuss feedback on development status and direction from participants, and obtain an integrated view of development priorities. The perspective gained will allow researchers to better coordinate work and allow the participants greater insight into the overall direction of this technology.

Keynote presentations will address big picture development priorities and critical path issues. Technical sessions will address system concepts and development, system modeling and control, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials, turbomachinery, electrical generators, and testing. There will be networking opportunities during breaks and meals.

More information about the 2020 sCO2 Symposium can be found here.