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Smoke & Toxicity Testing

SwRI performs the ISO 5659 test to determine industry compliance to fire risk and hazard criteria of accumulated products of combustion (smoke density, off-gassing and toxicity elements).


We offer smoke and toxicity tests in accordance with a variety of standard procedures. Standard and customized tests are available to help our clients meet their needs.

For questions about this testing, please contact Matt Blais at +1 210 522 3524.

Smoke & Toxicity Test Capabilities

  • Smoke density (specific optical density, DS) and mass loss measurements
  • Toxic gas production over time
  • Gas yield determinations (mass of gas produced per mass of sample consumed)
  • LC50 and LA50 determination
  • Collection of gas samples for analysis by other analytical chemistry techniques

Related Services

  • Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) quantitative and qualitative gas analysis
  • Colorimetric (Dräger) tube toxicity analysis
  • Third-party quality assurance services
  • New York City Department of Buildings MEA-2 filing

Standard Smoke & Toxicity Test Services

  • ABD 0031 (smoke and toxicity)
  • AITM 2.0007 (smoke density)
  • AITM 3.0005 (toxicity)
  • ASTM E662 (smoke density)
  • ASTM E800 (toxicity)
  • ASTM E1995 (smoke density)
  • BSS 7238 (smoke density)
  • BSS 7239 (toxicity)
  • ISO 5659-2 (smoke density)
  • IMO FTP Code Annex 1 Part 2 (smoke and toxicity)
  • NES 711 (smoke density)
  • NES 713 (toxicity)
  • NFPA 258 (smoke density)
  • SMP 800-C (toxicity)