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Technology Today Podcast: Coming Soon

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Hear from the experts making big ideas in tech, science, engineering and research a reality. Join us for the Technology Today Podcast presented by Southwest Research Institute. It’s a new way to listen and learn about the innovative solutions changing our world. Coming soon!


Below is a transcript of the episode, modified for your reading pleasure.


Join us for a new way to talk tech, science, engineering, and research, the Technology Today podcast presented by Southwest Research Institute. We live with technology, science, engineering, and the results of innovative research every day. Now, let's understand it better. We're delving into tech topics like never before and hearing from the people changing our world and beyond one discovery at a time.

It might sound a little like sci-fi, but this is real life, real advancement, real solutions straight from the people searching for answers. From deep sea to deep space, we've got it covered. A casual way to listen and learn about the fascinating, astonishing road to progress and innovation. The new Technology Today podcast coming soon. Stay tuned.


About Technology Today: The Podcast

Technology Today: The Podcast launched in November 2018, offering a new way to listen and learn about the technology, science, engineering and research impacting our lives and changing our world. The podcast is presented by Southwest Research Institute, a nonprofit contract R&D organization developing innovative solutions for government and industry clients. Podcast host Lisa Peña is breaking through the tech jargon and talking to the scientists, engineers and researchers building the future of technology. It’s a conversation bringing tech to life and helping us understand how technology, science, engineering and research link to our daily lives.